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The content and media world is controlled  by monopolies who only regard the users of their platforms as nothing more than resources. A person only need to follow recent headlines to have an idea of how little respect platforms such as FacebookInstagram or YouTube have for their users. While those platforms make money off the work of others, Contents Protocol ultimately plans to put the power – and the reward – back in the hands of the people who make content creation and consumption what it is – the participants themselves.

Content protocol is a new blockchain-based content platform which seeks to turn the existing paradigm on its head.

On the contents protocol platform, participants are actually paid for the content they provide or comments and reviews they post, rather than simply being data generators for big media corporations. Contents Protocol has already concluded it’s crowdsale in mid-December. The initial coin offering saw 30% of the 10 billion CPT tokens made available to the public. The economic ecosystem created by the project will be operate on these tokens, with participants receiving various amounts in return for their activities on the platform.

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The normal activities that people do on media platforms daily, such as posting, commenting, sharing and even liking will all be made profitable by the CPT token. At the same time, every transaction and every activity on the platform will be stored unalterably on the blockchain. This means there will always exist a secure, distributed log of all of a participants earnings on the website which can’t be changed or altered by anyone. All of these features are core offerings from a blockchain startup which is making headlines for its progress in the cryptocurrency space. Indeed, contents protocol has attracted investments and partnered with big and established companies all around the world.

Meanwhile, CEO of HASHED Simon Seojoon Kim is acting as an advisor on contents Protocol project. Also, the project has many other experienced individuals as members of its team and advisors. The contents protocol project is backed by WATCHA — a very popular Korean content app.

Contents Protocol also extends far beyond its core content platform with the project designed to integrate review and data aggregators as the third main component of its ecosystem. Further more, contents Protocol also plans to include the concept of Data markets and Dashboards – a system whereby participants can easily have assess to data and trade information on the contents protocol platform. Those participants are creative contributors and content providers will readily be able to access the required data in order to create more contents and get rewarded with the CPT tokens, which can then be used to boost a user’s standing on the contents protocol platform.


All of the above adds up to a swift progress for contents Protocol, and Q4 of 2018 has been a busy period for the team as they concluded the token sale and get to work implementing all the proposed plans for the platform. The move into 2019 is also highly anticipated as the dev team plans to keep monitoring the trends in blockchain development and reflect the findings to the project and carry out the more developments.

More information about Content Protocol can be found below, along with details on how to be a member of its community.


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