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Are you sick of an infinite work that drains your energy and still does not get enough of it? Is it confusing about how to get a side income that does not have to consume all your time? In this regard, MiBoodle may be your solution. Working from home is something people need. You can work easily, you do not have to go home early and go home late at night, you do not have to spend hours and hours wearing boring and stuffy office. You can only work from home! And as long as you keep your job well, it’s relatively stable.

What can we talk about? Before we know the job, let’s first learn how to apply miBoodle. miBoodle is an application / platform based on BlockChain technology, which uses its currency, the so-called MIBO token, to perform decentralized and platform transactions.

MiBoodle team began work on the online monetization platform, which democratizes the advertising industry based on the first “Blockchain technology.” Our main goal is to provide a platform that enables online consumers to be productive, transparent and accountable to all consumers, using packaged online digital advertising channels for the mass market. miBoodle opens an online ad to the public world. The company approved monetization and provided all members with a route to marketing based on social media integrations.
How does MiBoodle work?
MiBoodle can ensure that members become a micro-publisher, a micro-social impact, and a micro-partnership. You can start to imagine a platform that opens the world of online advertising and not just the big company, but everyone else. So everyone can make money online and use it for free!
Members of miBoodle can make a website and fill in many topics with news content. You can make a maximum of 10 topics on your website and if you get a lot of visitors on your website, you deserve a lot of prizes like money or MIBO tokens. You can earn money in PayPal every day or every month in a fiat currency. However, if a member decides to receive payments on their MIBO tokens, they can use tokens to enter the next layer of miBoodle. This means they can skip the level and earn more money per month. You can keep this icon or sell the tokens so that other people can enter the layers of miBoodle.
MiBoodle is becoming more popular
The total population of people is about 7.534 billion, of which 3.028 billion are active social media users. Targeting social media and the internet means you are targeting many people at the same time. Then comes miBoodle and gives them an opportunity to turn these big things into the next means of monetization.
MiBoodle ICO and coin sale
miBoodle works with blockchain technology and coin based on Ethereum. It’s your own token MIBO token. If you have a successful miBoodle member / website and you get a lot of viewership in your publication, you will get paid. You can choose your payment by fiat or MIBO token.
If you are interested in this application, then you can invest or buy the MIBO coin to the presale and ICO, you can easily use this platform in the future. The sum of the current coins is 600,000,000 MIBO tokens that will be ready for sale in the crowd between 1 May – 31 May 2018.
MiBoodle If you want to join the ICO and want to be part of the miBoodle growth, please do not miss ICO and use it for a better purpose or to get the best return on investment.
News and Content Partners
Increase the content and social tactics of the world’s leading blogs, magazines, and news organizations
More than 12,000 content feeds and counts
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