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Hello dear reader…!!!, see you again with our good article today, hope you all love to read it and soon maybe join the project that we offer, the crypto world is increasingly reaching the lower layers of society, so they no longer depend on others in terms of looking for a good job, they feel comfortable with their work in this crypto, the project whose we purpose is Level 01, It is a new blockchain platform that facilitates the peer-to-peer trading and exchange of digital assets and commodities without the input of intermediaries or middle men. The blockchain technology is the basis upon which cryptocurrencies are created with several applications to various aspects of the world economy. The first application of blockchain was in the creation of the first ever cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. After Bitcoin was created in 2009, Ethereum and several other cryptocurrencies were created, each based on the blockchain technology. The creation of cryptocurrency led to a lot of transformation and revolution in the financial sector; exchange platforms have been created to facilitate the conversion of cryptocurrencies to Fiat currencies and the exchange of cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies. These exchange platforms also facilitate the trading of cryptocurrencies (digital currencies) as well as other digital assets. Some exchange/ trading platforms like allow the trading of other digital commodities via derivative trading .

The way exchange platforms are designed is that when the users of these platforms make a request to either sell or buy a particular cryptocurrency, the exchange platform processes the transaction and completes it for the intending user; by this the exchange platform has served as a middle man for that transaction. That is why transaction fees are usually high as the fees for the middlemen are included thereby reducing the profit of traders. The team behind Level01 has come up with the perfect solution for cryptocurrency trading as well as other currencies, digital assets and commodities. Within this platform, whenever a user shows an interest to buy or sell a particular cryptocurrency, an automatic match is done linking the user selling or buying with the user buying or selling.

Level01 understands the benefits of user participation and involvement and has come up with a strategy to promote more user participation and involvement within the platform and this strategy is the ‘Ecosystem Exchange’ in which users get to earn a lot; the level of user participation within the level01 platform is directly proportional to the amount and value of reward that stands to be gained. This incentive keeps users of the platform effectively motivated to participate and interact with other users and attract more users by means of referrals. The objectives of Level01 includes to make trading so much easier for a newbie trader just joining the cryptocurrency world and to ensure professional traders get their desired trading experiences with the trading tools made available; Level01 also strives to build up trust within the ecosystem by making every transaction details accessible and readily available to the public. This level of transparency would no doubt make Level01 become the no.1 trading and exchange platform and would continue to attract more investors and cryptocurrency traders.

Level01 points towards the future while also solving the present issues associated with trading and exchange platforms by virtue of its innate features.

Token Distrbution

Funds Alocation

The Level01 Exchange Token.

The Level01 is the future of the financial system and would essentially be a self sustaining ecosystem. The Level01 token symbol is LVX with a total supply of 1,200,000,000 LVX.

The Roadmap.

MAY-DEC 2018

-Trader chat system (Internal chat system with history and trade interaction).

-P2P Options exchange private alpha.

-Android mobile app.

-Automated trade follow( follow trade system, auto commission distribution).

-P2P options exchange public beta(android mobile app).

-Assets Integrated(forex, cryptocurrency).

-P2P CFD trading contracts.

-P2P options exchange public launch.

-Multi trader options exchange trade matching.

-API for external ecosystem.

-Additional assets(additional forex pairs, additional crypto, new commodities).

JAN-OCT 2019

-Expanded Analytics.

-Multi trader room module launch.

-Neural net II.

-Automated trade matching.

-API for external liquidity pool.

-Tournament module launch.

-Dapp store for platform trading algorithms.

-Web application launch.

-Integrated in-wallet LVX to BTC/ETH token conversion.

-Framework for AI instructions automated trading.

-Trader statistics and analysis.

-LVX token exchange to card.

-Blockchain migration proof of activity with deflationary mechanism.

-Additional Assets(additional crypto, additional commodities, new equities).

The Team.

The Advisors.

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