GG Token by ClanPlay – A Revolutionary Marketplace for In-Game Actions


A Revolutionary Marketplace for In-Game Actions
ClanPlay ltd. was formed in 2016 by games industry veterans: Leonard Frankel and Asaf Semo. The team, counting 7 people, has a combined experience of over 50 years in the development of games and production of scalable digital consumer products.
The platform has completed huge work to popularize the plan of gaming on the blockchain technology, and some of their most recent attempts have made quite the stir in an already pleased community of digital money gaming.
Sometimes earlier, the firm released a statement regarding their attention in the making of the GG Protocol. The Protocol is an actual meant to help to match creators with gamers who may be interested in trying their video game.
The Clanplay Platform is a necessary component of the GG Platform which the firm has been working on for fairly some time. It’s supposed to be openly accessible and comprised of intelligent agreements that link jointly both gamers and developers. Furthermore, the ecosystem can be used to up the easiness with which developers are capable to start on their own games on the ever-boosting block-chains. The block-chains upon which video games can be issued will also make bigger periodically, according to the corporation.

Today the game market is worth billions of assets and brings a gigantic income. The AVG worth of single mobile game is $15. Great Corporation attracts a lot of users, while little studios often stay behind in their shadow, as they do not so far have the means to promote and attract clients.

Clanplay Game Distribution Platform

Clanplay Platform is decentralized of game distribute platform. It can help developer for create games to user. It is use blockchain technology for track, made it trustworthy and secure. They has nice ecosystem game community, referral system, developer system. And has Token name is GG Token is help and reward for developer.

Ecosystem of Clanplay Platform

Referrral system

It nice system to help developer make money. Referral system use blockchain and designe to new user(Developer) for acquisition. That mean all user use GG Platform with get reward by refer people to play game in platform.

Game Discovery System

Gamers can purchase game that interest. Clanplay Platform support many cryptocurrencies and developer can choose cryptocurrencies that they want to use for their game.

Game Community

Gamers can use social and communicate with games. They have profile page of theirs for do with activities like review, post image, video and they will get reward with GG Token too.

Developer system

Developer can update their games, view information and configure referral smart contract. Developer can set reward for user paid their games.

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