GG Token by ClanPlay – A Revolutionary Marketplace for In-Game Actions

The computer and game industry has grown from focused markets to mainstream. They took in about US$9.5 billion in the US in 2007, 11.7 billion in 2008, and 25.1 billion in 2010 (ESA annual report).

The gaming sector is expected to become a $143 billion global industry by 2020 — IF I am correct, there will be huge implications.

The world is unraveling new use cases for blockchain technology each day. Although most people think of Bitcoin and finance when they hear the word ‘blockchain’, the technology extends its reach far beyond those two things.

You may already know that agriculture businesses, energy companies, and the art world are integrating blockchain into their operations. But, there’s another unsuspecting sector also joining in: online gaming. Numerous cryptocurrency projects are picking up their controllers, so to speak, and some of the industry’s biggest names are contributing their support.

There are major problems with the economics of traditional video games.

For example, with traditional games:

The game creator (or corporation) could go out of business leaving the game stranded in a locked, closed source safe.
If the game goes away, you are also going to lose the hundreds of hours of time you invested in developing your characters and advancing levels.
If the game creators decide to take the game in a different direction against your wishes, you have no recourse.
If you want to improve or remix the game, you need the game creators permission to do so.
Any centralized authority could ban you from the game or take away your game servers at their whim without caring about you, the player.
You don’t actually “own” any of the digital assets in the game that you have invested your hard earned money or time in.


The Clanplay, you can found it online at, has been at the forefront of the minds of gaming-concerned cryptocurrency fans for quite some time now. The company has done significant work to popularize the concept of gaming on the blockchain, and a few of their most recent efforts have created quite the stir in an already-excited community of crypto gaming.

The GG Platform is meant to tackle the most challenging problems in game distribution.

Advantages of the GG project

  • Due to the lack of monopoly, the cost of games will be significantly lower, since developers no longer need to spend space to promote and advertise their projects.
  • Further development and growth of the gaming industry (Thanks to the change in the scheme of distribution of games and technology in general, further growth will occur in an increased progression, which will affect the overall value of the gaming market).
  • The connection of players with developers (Thanks to the GG system, developers will be able to abandon the usual  marketing system at all, now the search for potential customers will be the platform itself)
  • Communities and partnerships
  • The founders of the GG Foundation are the founders of the multinational company – GG Foundation, have vast experience and knowledge, and have worked in such major reputable projects).
  • Highly qualified consultants (These people have experience in  game industry, calculated in years)
  • Rapid communication between players and games (Thanks to the platform system, players will immediately be presented with a lot of interesting projects for them, now there is no need to engage in tedious search.  At the same time, the developers will immediately have a potential audience)

The system of tokens (All financial relationships between players and developers will be due to the main token – GG, this will allow all transactions to be carried out safely, quickly and transparently) .

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