GGPro is a blockchain platform that has created new opportunities for interaction between the gaming community, sponsors and game developers. Steam platform integration allows players to make money when playing popular games (DOTA2, CS: GO, Battlerite). Player2Player’s unique promotion system — this innovative solution by the GGPro team allows sponsors and developers of any level to get effective product promotion. This method is based on players who promote products among themselves.
This can be seen from a technology application called Blockchain that has been widely used by most financial companies and individual businesses as a sophisticated tool for making transactions that are safe, transparent, automatic, and capable of processing data faster. The combination created to build the world gaming economy is to utilize blockchain technology. This combination has been made by the blockchain-based game industry project,
Because being the Best Company in the whole world is ideal for this project, an effective company has been established. With a large number of products, of course this is an opportunity for people to invest in a national scale to continue to develop their business. our project wants to be the best project in the world, that’s not impossible, because the resources owned by this company are very large.


  • Unique game monetization system. Steam platform integration allows players to earn money while playing popular games.
  • Unique Player2Player promotion system. This innovative solution by the GGPro team allows sponsors and developers of any level to get effective product promotions. This method is based on players who promote products among themselves.
  • Implement MVP. Our MVP that has been implemented supports monetization in Dota 2, CS: GO, Battlerite and directly connects gamers and sponsors.
  • GGPro is a multi-million audience. The target audience of our potential projects is more than 70 million active Steam users.
  • Global ecosystem. GGPro services also provide powerful capabilities for all platform users, by connecting them in a unified global ecosystem.
  • Blockchain. The application of Smart contract technology allows secure interaction between gamers, sponsors and developers.


An intra-platform trading system that allows all users to buy, sell and exchange in-game items through GGP tokens. Which is based on smart contracts and provides absolute transparency and security for each transaction.
Intra-platform services that also allow all users to be able to make GGP token transactions for cryptocurrency and other fiat quickly, safely and at a minimal cost.


Token GGP
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO price 1 GGP = 0.0002143 ETH
Price in ICO 0.0846 USD
50% on PreSale stage.
Tokens for sale 70,000,000
Investment info
Min. investment 0.5 ETH
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC
Distributed in ICO 70%
Soft cap 10000 ETH
Hard cap 30000 ETH


Q1 2018
Idea of platform;
Smart Development of platform.
Q2 2018
Development and testing of GGPro. Promotion prototype.
Q3 2018
Launch beta version of GGPro.Promotion;
Access to cryptocurrency exchanges;
Addition and support of new games and platforms.
Q4 2018
Launch of GGPro.Wallet;
Launch of in-game items shop GGPro.Market;
Launch of a sponsor merchandise shop GGPro.Sale.
Q1 2019
Launch of intra-platform invest system in cybersport GGPro.MyTeam;
Launch of intra-platform invest system in game developers GGPro.MyGame;
Launch of intra-platfrom exchange GGPro.Exchange;
Launch of mobile and PC application GGPro.APP.
Q2 2019
Implementation of ranking system;
Implementation of donation system GGPro.Donation.
Q3 2019
Intra-platform solo and tram ranking sysytem, holding competitions under GGPro.Competetive program;
Encouraging the growth of an intra-platfrom gaming community GGPro.Community.
Q4 2019
Inclusion of mobile games segment into operations;
Cooperation with developers in implementing in-game trade system GGPto.API.

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