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Good evening, dear friends. Today I want to tell you about such an interesting project as GIDcoin.
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Each of us had a thought where to invest their finances in order to increase them over time. It sounds trite and simple, but if you take it seriously and analyze all the possible options, you come to the idea that there are risks everywhere, and not small. Investing money in real estate-at the time of construction of the building, interest in it may be lost, which will pull the price down. You can buy securities, but one terrible news about the company, and your shares will depreciate. Such examples can lead to a dozen, so let’s get down to business. The most reasonable and proven is the purchase of gold and diamonds. Here are the main factors that make me prefer these two things:
  • The first and the main advantage – you can sell it anywhere in the world, because the value is the same everywhere.
    • Over them not power over time. Even if you bury diamonds or gold underground for 10 years and then dig them up, nothing will happen to them, they will be like new.
  • The demand for this product increases every year.
Information about the project, its value
The value of GID Coin is in polished diamonds and gold bars. These are the two most expensive resources in the world. The price of gold is inferior to diamond in the ratio of 2 to 1. This means that 2/3 of the investment will go to diamonds and only one third to gold. This project proposes to store diamonds in banks, according to the following characteristics:
• Carat
• Color
• Clarity
For example, a diamond of 5 carats is estimated at 240 thousand dollars, and 12 carats at 2.8 million dollars.
With all the gold the easier it is assessed by weight. Usually, this company focuses on the sale of kilogram bars, which is approximately estimated at 43 thousand dollars.
There are two options for the company, as it will work:
buy the finished product from manufacturers;
manage the whole process from the beginning, it will take less money and you can get a higher profit.
This project plans to do as follows: 30% of the funds spent on the purchase of the finished product, 70% of the funds will go to the production of diamonds and gold, which includes the following stages.
For diamond:
enter image description here
For gold:
enter image description here
The second option will be executed in two stages. The first stage is to buy diamond and gold from miners in countries such as Africa, Russia and Canada. Then they are transported to us, processed and placed in storage. At the second stage, the company invests in mining mines in Africa and begins to produce gold and diamonds with his own.
This project has enough experience and connections in African countries, so it can buy and extract resources without risks. The guarantee of purity and protection is estimated at 90%. All risks will be reduced to zero after the goods are exported from African countries. The entire route of the goods will be protected by two firms: BRINKS and MALCA-AMIT. The reputation of these companies speaks for itself, there is no reason to worry. Once the diamond is taken out of Africa, it is sent to Belgium or Israel for polishing, then to Switzerland or Spain to shape the diamonds. If you compare the purchase of the finished product and its manufacturer from scratch, the difference in numbers will be from 5 to 10 times! The purchase of the finished product will take 1 to 14 days, and production from scratch to storage will take 60 to 90 days.
Based on the information I have provided, I can say with confidence that it is necessary to invest in this project, once again highlight the main aspects that I am interested in:
• Experience. The company has 8 years in the diamond business and 5 years in the gold business.
  • Three countries with which there are contacts in the field of production: Africa, Russia, Canada
    • Two of the country in which the processing of diamonds: Belgium and Israel
    • Three countries that process gold: Austria, Switzerland, Andora
Token information
enter image description here
  • Blockchain is based on Ethereum (ERC-20)
  • The total issue of coins will be 50 million
  • 5 million coins were allocated to team members and advisors
  • 2.5 million coins were allocated for pre-sale (closed sale for strategic investors)
  • 7 million coins were allocated for public pre-sale
  • 15 million coins were allocated for public sale
    • On the bounty, the company allocated 500 thousand coins
    • The price of one token is estimated at $20

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