GID Coin ICO platform overview

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This crypt coin will be covered by real assets that will be insured and secured in the archives of reputable banks around the world. The value of this currency does not depend on centralized government decisions. The value of this currency will also continue to grow or remain stable even in difficult economic times.
What is a GID coin?
GID currency is an international crypto currency that is covered by two valuable assets: gold and diamonds. This currency is activated and supported by a block chain. The GID is a hybrid token that can be used for payment and as an asset. The company has a head office in Switzerland. It will act in accordance with the recommendations set forth by FINMA.
GID coin diamonds Golden cryptocurrency.
The company has set itself two main goals. The first purchase of diamonds and gold bars. They organize the process of miners and producers to ensure that they use less money from the start and make a huge profit.
GID Coin ICO details:
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When the ICO is launched, the GID coins are sold for about $ 20. However, the price may vary depending on the change in the exchange rate.
Investors in pre-ICO receive GIDE coins during the pre-launch. This can later be converted into GID coins when the company offers a sufficient number of gold bars and diamonds. These Gide markings are placed on a new blockchain and converted to GID in a ratio of:
Presale: now available
End date: 18 June 2018
GID coins for sale: 2,500,000
Discount: 30%
There is also an air call for those who sign up for this on the GID coin website.
Soft cover: $ 40,000,000.
If less than this amount is raised, all investors will refund their money to them.
Hard cover: $ 490,000,000
GIDE tokens will be released after the end of the ICO, which will be about a month after the end of the ICO.
Use of funds
20% of the collected funds will be used to purchase diamonds and gold bars. The remaining 70% will be used for production, which means:
1. Brilliants
Purchase of rough diamonds from a mine or mining of diamonds
Polishing of mined diamonds
Obtaining GIA and HRD certification
Insurance of purchased diamonds
Placement of diamonds in the safe
1. gold
  • Purchase of raw gold from a mining site or gold mining
  • Refinement of won gold
  • Certification of gold
  • Insurance of gold bars
  • Placement of the gold bar in the store
Another method that they can use will take place in two phases. First, they will buy rough diamonds from Africa, Canada or Russia. Then they are exported to a workshop for processing or cutting gold. Then they are placed in the repository.
The detailed information:
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