GID money is a global digital currency that is secured by two significant resources


What do you cogitate gold or gems? I celebrate the essential that is coming into mind – these are typical resources, which are compelled, mined moreover, had simply by colossal sodalities. Surely, that is substantial. Countries, which found trademark resources (not simply gold or gems, yet oil, coal, metal besides, et cetera.) on their space mundanely getting the chance to be excavators and exporters which have an impact on the GDP of the country. In an impeccable world, it furthermore impacts on peregrinate of life of nationals of the country. We have to make widespread cash anchored by two most immensely colossal consequential stock on the planet, energized and secured by Blockchain. All the taking care of will be pellucid for the examiner.

What is a GID coin?

GID cash is an ecumenical advanced mazuma that is anchored by two astronomically immense assets: gold and valuable stones. This mazuma is commenced and maintained by a square chain. The GID is a cross breed token that can be utilized for portion and as predilection. The sodality has a head office in Switzerland. It will go about according to the recommendations set forward by FINMA.

The estimation of GID Coin

is in cleaned jewels and gold bars. These are the two most costly assets on the planet. The cost of gold is mediocre compared to precious stone in the proportion of 2 to 1. This implicatively insinuates 2/3 of the venture will go to precious stones and just a single third to gold. This task proposes to store precious stones in banks, as per the accompanying qualities

• Carat

• Color

• Pellucidity

For instance, a precious stone of 5 carats is evaluated at 240 thousand dollars, and 12 carats at 2.8 million dollars. With all the gold the less authoritatively mandating it is evaluated by weight. Customarily, this organization centers around the offer of kilogram bars, which is roughly assessed at 43 thousand dollars.

GID Coin GID Token ICO Details

At the ICO dispatch, the GID Coins will offer at about $20. Regardless, the cost may differentiate at the crowdsale because of transmutations in the vicissitude scale.

Cash cognate stars in the pre-ICO will get GIDE coins amidst the pre-dispatch. This can later be transmuted over to GID coins when the affiliation stays enough gold bullion and cleaned remuneratively lucrative stones. The GIDE tokens will be put on another blockchain and transmuted over to GID in the apportion of 1:1.

Pre-deal: Live Now

End date: June 18, 2018

GIDe Coins on unorthodox: 2,500,000

Markdown: 30%

There is moreover an airdrop for those that enroll for it on the GID coin site.

The ICO Soft Cap: 40,000,000 USD.

If not as much as this aggregate is raised, all inspectors will have their mazuma set apart down to them.

The ICO Hard Cap: 490,000,000 USD

The GIDE tokens will be discharged once the ICO closes, which will be the about multi-month after the ICO culminates.

Token information

· Blockchain is based on Ethereum (ERC-20)

· The total issue of coins will be 50 million

· 5 million coins were allocated to team members and advisors

· 2.5 million coins were allocated for pre-sale (closed sale for strategic investors)

· 7 million coins were allocated for public pre-sale

· 15 million coins were allocated for public sale

· On the bounty, the company allocated 500 thousand coins

· The price of one token is estimated at $20




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