Most of the time, people choose to invest in gold and diamond due to their high price. The precious items will keep becoming people favorite since they are timeless and symbols of wealth. GID Coin offers a unique platform that will change the way people invest in gold and diamond.

GID Coin’ Overview
GID Coin offers a revolutionary platform that will make the investment in diamond and gold can be done in more secure ways and keep high in profit. This digital company creates an international currency which is covered by the gold and diamond mined. The currency then will be powered by blockchain technology to ensure its security. The technology used also makes it possible for the GID Coin to provide a clear and transparent process in which all of the customers can keep monitoring what’s going through in the company.

The idea behinds the utilization of the two precious goods is the fact that there is no stockbroker in the world that will only purchase the stocks for one company only. This is because capital diversification still becomes a crucial thing in the investment. Those who are joined in GID Coin’s team are professionals that have years of experience in the gold and diamond business. It has good connections with several mining companies spread in Africa, Canada, and Russia. Meanwhile, the company’s relationship with several cutting diamond workshop and golden refineries in Andorra, Uni Emirat Arab, Austria, and Switzerland makes it a great place to invest.

GID Coin Coverage

The value of GID Coin is covered by both polished gold bullions and diamonds that are considered to be the most precious natural resources on the planet. The investors are recommended to keep their polished diamonds in the bank’s safehouse by using 4 characteristics (4C), they are Carat (5 to 12 cts), color (D-G), Clarity (IF-VS1), and Cut (round). A round polished diamond of 5 cts, which is considered to be the one with the lowest price as valued up to $240,000.

Meanwhile, the round polished diamond of 12 cts which is seen to be the most expensive above all is evaluated up to $2,800,000. However, everything is much simpler with the gold. To value the gold, the company focuses on kilobars in which 1000 grams in mass equals 32.15 troy ounces. Since the pricing is based on the LBMA standard, thus, 1 kilobar of the gold on 24.03.2018 is valued $43’145,30.

Token Policy

To ensure that the investors could get the best from the GID Coin’s services, the company establishes their own platform of the blockchain. The platform utilizes DGP which stands for Diamond and Gold Platform. Meanwhile, to lower the costs needed for the company’s project which is conducted at the early stage, the coin obtained will be based on Ethereum.

In the GID Coin Protocol, Smart Tokens are considered to be the most valuable element. The tokens work based on the ERC20 standard that will be used on the Ethereum ecosystem. In this way, the clients will be able to sell and purchase the tokens directly by using the smart contract provided.

Token information

Token Name : GID
Stadard : Ethereum (ERC20)
Total amount of tokens to be emitted till 2023 th = 50’000’000 GID Coins
Soft cap: 40 million US dollars
Hard Cap: 490 million US dollars

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