What is GIFcoin?
GIF — Gambling Investment Fund Coin focuses on casino and other online betting services, which will be the next generation for Blockchain technology on Casino Platform and Betting online.

Gambling is a risky game; The fact of the matter is the risk and obviously, the reward. It’s altogether stated, be that as it may. Essentially, they are simply dynamic ideas and absence of scientific substance. They are only antiquities of old man-made games worked around an idea that is at any rate as old as the universe itself.

We have already a working project which has already over 20,000 active user. Vitalbet is into the below and more
Sport betting: You can place bet on Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, and much more.
Live Casino: Such as Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and more.
eSports: You can place bet on your favorite teams in world’s top online game tournaments.
Virtual Sports: You can place bet on virtual sports events  such as Horse racing and Dog racing.

Benefits of GIFcoin
Availability – VitalBet will have the most alluring, straightforward and helpful interface, in which the client sees and uses just those capacities that truly add to lovely rates.

Simplicity – Betting websites have a complex design, which is the burden of users. Our plan is to make the most attractive, minimalist design ever created. On our innovative platform, the user will see and use only those functions that really contribute to the pleasant rates.

Security – Insufficient awareness of the website owner about the existence of an information security problem, the vulnerability on the website and the consequences of hacking can do great harm to the business of the owner of the website in general, and visitors to the website in particular. Therefore, the safety of customers — both in terms of money and personal data — is a priority for VitalBet.

The GIFcoin Gambling Investment Fund provides an opportunity for everyone who wants to invest in their VitalBet project .

VitalBet is an independent working project, which, like all projects of this type, requires investment of gamblers and advertising, which will attract the maximum audience here. It is this platform that will sponsor the product, participation in which is offered to everyone.

The main advantage is also the fact that this platform will accept bets in the Bitcoin coin, which makes rates much more convenient and does not force its users to either convert or change.

GIFcoin gambling fund investments provide opportunities for most people who want to invest in their VitalBet work project. Right now, the Fund informs ico, acquires your GIF signals so investors as well as those with GIFcoin digital assets. is supported by funds to improve the type of work of electronic bases for VitalBet levels. And those with a GIF token each th. will also receive 80% of the annual profit base so VitalBet. Sounds so promising.

The results will also be launched with 300 million GIF tokens. Cost 1 ETH = 10. 000 GIF. at least you can buy tokens at 0, 01 ETH, which in the current change value when writing is about $ 10. As you see the entry threshold is so small, and the number of tokens in the output is rather limited.

In PreIco it will also sell 240 million tokens, 27 million will also be spent on the project’s founder’s payment. 10 million will also be spent on various purposes for project promotion. And go to 20 000 000 so bonus tokens when purchasing the PreIco period (3 000 000). All tokens that are not sold in the Ico period will also be destroyed.

In the arsenal VitalBet has a pretty impressive role that will also satisfy each player. Here you can bet on a classic workout or on-line tournament kibersorevnovaniya, because there is a virtual exercise event as well as a casino with over 190 on-line games.

The first Ico Step is scheduled for February 2018, the 2nd step of March 2018.

The project is planning to raise $ 24 000 000. After reaching the financial objectives it will also be fully refurbished and improved work base. Melaunching mobile app on ios, Adroid and windows for maximum comfort user. impressive costs will also be spent on aggressive advertising campaigns, which are so competent as well as transforming the ultimate machine product.

Right now, the project has been in talks with the exchange for a list of its GIF signals. The most important partner is Etherdelta, YoBit. net, CoinExchange, HitBTC.

After studying the responses of the VitalBet website, we can conclude that the desire is enjoyed, but it is now officially there at the Russian Federation’s location is limited by law, but does not prevent us from enjoying its benefits, but merely mentioning that those of them do not like or do not want to adapt to different laws. In general, that is normal practice in the modern world. I want to say something that has worked VitalBet product users have been recorded as well as strong marketing. The office is expanding rapidly as well as adjusting to the current trends to suit the new cryptoeconomics.

The main product GIFcoin is the pleasure of online gambling at any time and anywhere in the world. In short, GIFcoin produce modern IT solutions that allow people to bet online on sports events and favorite gambling. The goal is to turn bets into simple, safe and affordable actions for each user.

Distribution and usage
GIFcoin is negotiating with the most popular exchanges on the distribution of profits taking into account all functions. Information on income distribution is published on the GIFcoin website. All payments are made to ETH.

A total of 300.000.000 GIF tokens will be generated, including 20.000.000 to conduct a Pre-ICO +15% Bonus (3.000.000), and 240.000.000 to conduct an ICO. Another 27.000.000 will be shared between the founders of the GIF token, while the remaining 10.000.000 will be generated for advisory, bounty, and PR pools. The unsold GIF that will be created for sale during the pre-ICO and ICO will be destroyed. GIF tokens are not mined by users or any other companies.

Pre-ICO — 8% 23,000,000
ICO — 80% 240,000,000
Founders — 9% 27,000,000
PR, Bounty, Advisor — 3% 10,000,000

After a successful ICO campaign and reaching the hard top (24,000 ETH ~ $24,000,000), $1,000,000 will be used to update our platform and create a mobile application for best user experience. $4,000,000 will be used for a marketing campaign. $12,000,000 will be used for an aggressive advertising campaign. $5,000,000 will be added to the existing bank — operational money for wins and loses. And $2,000,000 will serve as legal agreements in different countries.

Bank — 20.8%
Advertising — 50%
Marketing — 16.7%
Management — 4.2%
Legal — 8.3%


VitalBet offers crypto-currency payments with Bitcoin – both for rates and for payments (deposits and withdrawals). In addition, all major payment methods and crypto currency will be added through ICO, including Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Dash (DASH) and much more, as betting parameters r that will attract large the number of players and will make the platform the most distributed in the online betting industry.
This feature will use Blockchain technology to ensure maximum security for each user, and will also make gambling even more fun.
In addition, besides digital currency payments and online rates, you also receive additional services (sports betting rates, IN-Play rates, casino, Live Casino, eSports, virtual sports, Livestreaming) and much more.


Nothing so spoils the impression of a website as a complex design that burdens users. Design is great and good, but nothing will spoil the impression of the site as a complex design that burdens users. Design is great and good, but there will be little sense in this if the user finds it difficult to navigate and find the desired one if the user finds it difficult to navigate and find the desired one. According to the researchers, after hitting a new website, the user decides whether to stay on it or not, after 7 seconds. What will you do if in a minute on the website you see an empty page or embarrassment of wealth?
On simple and convenient websites you will want to spend much more time and will return to them as often as possible. VitalBet will have the most attractive, simple and convenient interface, in which the user sees and uses only those functions that really contribute to pleasant rates.


Very often, betting websites have a complex design, which is the
burden of users. Our plan is to make the most attractive,
minimalistic design ever created. On our innovative platform, the
user will see and use only those functions that really contribute to the
pleasant rates.
Net income
$ 7368602
$ 3315871
Active users 20.453
Average game loss per client $ 360.27
Conversion ratio between client and customer 15.4%

Road Map
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Meet the Team
Invest in real tokens with a real project that is managed by a professional team of industry experts.


And now, some of the potential benefits and numbers.

By the end of 2018, to do all of the ideas conceived, the GIFcoin project aims to attract one million active users. I should mention that this number is sufficient, and even maybe even a little unpretentious. Think about this sort of thing going on, as well as the overall VitalBet of their annual income is projected to be $ 360 million with up to 10,000 000 users. GIF will also make $ 4300 profit for invested in the project and make the GIF tokens. Plus, the token and GIF will also have market value that will also grow into a running project. This token you can sell at any time in the Exchange is supported.
In my opinion the correct approach of this project will also be a good change, as well as your GIF purchase tokens make themselves not a passive income that is so ugly.

Just want to show off a team with GIFcoin driving experience. This sort of thing is divided into experts who have experience and developers in the area needed to successfully launch such a project. One founder and CEO has more than fifty game projects.

All info with details you can find on gifcoin. io project website. There is also a link to all the social networks of the project, through which they can be detailed and fitted in the news and view the development system and the establishment of the base.


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