New Internet technologies contribute to the development of the cryptographic market. It’s no secret that we stand on the brink of the big changes happening in the world of information technology. With the advent of technology blocking in this field, huge financial resources from across the globe flowed in. GigTricks creates an ecosystem based on chain blocks. This will ensure greater transparency, reliability, and trust from participants. Each action, including a skill and feedback assessment, is tested using a block chain. Thus, it is not possible to falsify anything in the system. The developers plan to create an ecosystem for the economy as per the demand and freelance economy. GigTricks is also a useful platform to combat global regression. This ensures that talented young people have the opportunity to earn money right at home. To achieve this goal, GigTricks uses a variety of advanced technologies. Here is one of the advanced technologies used by this platform.

GigTricks is a decentralized platform based on blockbusters that connects entrepreneurs with freelancers on a global scale. This will act as a mechanism to connect specialists around the world to exchange services using GigBit tokens. The system will offer various profiles, displaying the rank of each skill of each freelancer.

The GigTricks.com project provides:The establishment of a unifying global platform of freelancers and business representatives, allows players to sell their own services in a particular area of ​​knowledge.
The creation of individual player profiles, recorded in block spaces and inaccessible for deletion and correction, describes the level of competence of each individual specialist.
The implementation of the GigTricks Learning project, which is a platform for training and improving the level of professional knowledge not only freelancers, but also entrepreneurs in various fields.
Implementation of the GigTricks Social project, which is a complete social network for the most complete and comfortable participant interaction, message exchange and various data in the ecosystem

  • GigTricks Pro is a global platform for professionals to showcase their verified professional profiles under the GigTricks blockchain. It offers a diversity of profiles by displaying individual skill rankings.
  • GigTricks Marketplace connects entrepreneurs with freelancers on a global scale. This will act as a mechanism to connect professionals worldwide to trade services between each other using the GigBit token
  • GigTricks Point of Sale (PoS) will give sellers an opportunity to increase their sales revenue in the physical world. Sales and reviews generated will be recorded under blockchain.
  • GigTricks Learning is a global online excellence center where entrepreneurs and freelancers can acquire the skills in demand to enhance their business and professional profiles for additional achievements
  • GigTricks Social focuses on increasing the level of engagement among ecosystem participants; allows users to follow, send messages, and share information. This encourages community members to socialize for a purpose.
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In the Emirates, there is a concept for the development of the digital economy in the country, designed to transform Dubai into a bridge between East and West. Thus, the project team follows this course, creating a product that is absolutely necessary and desirable in the marketplace.

Recently, an increasing role in business building has been given to branding and marketing, and not just to build logistics chains. Implementing this opportunity with GigTricks.com becomes easier, as it allows you to attract excellent specialists from around the world, while ensuring immediate interaction from participants without intermediaries, thereby reducing the costs involved.

Far away there is not always an opportunity in place to form a truly professional team for business, to attract the best specialist to do a particular job. Using a decentralized platform allows you to connect customers with the best and talented players located in other parts of the world. At the same time, internal interactions will be highly transparent and accessible from a cost standpoint due to the denial of non-target payments that occupy a significant share of total spending when using traditional interaction mechanisms.

Hyperledger technology is developed because of the need to make up for the deficiencies that traditional blockbuster has. This technology is designed to use chain blocks in an efficient way, thus providing secure and private access to decentralized books.

A hyperlink is a protocol consisting of Internet metadata that can be used to support a shared chain. Meanwhile, the network in hypersecretory blockage technology is a major part of the network. Hyperledger is now responsible for making the technology scalable and applicable to various companies according to their needs and needs.

GigTricks Advantages
Hyperledger will allow members of the ecosystem to store and exchange data and information privately at the nodes of the block chain. Hyperledger is modeled on blocks blocking permissions. This will include a monitoring mechanism that will allow other ecosystem participants to access data or protect data from others based on established protocols. Therefore, personal data and information is protected from open and unauthorized access, which negates malicious activity.

Another reason to use Hyperledger is that it provides transparency. In short, this does not allow public access to private data, but will allow other ecosystem users to access certain data based on certain protocols and settings. For example, when a user configures his profile and completes orders over time, other customer reviews, skill rankings, and profiles will be visible to all participants. However, others will not have access to budget budgets and personal communication with customers. Thus, Hyperledger will allow GigTricks to simultaneously improve security and transparency.

For secure transactions, GigTricks will use the Ethereum block system. However, to ensure the absence of transaction costs, Hyperledger will manage the ecosystem. Thus, all transactions are stored in the Hyperledger structure.

ICO Basic Details
Current Name: gigbit token
Current deduction: gbtc
Maximum inventory: 1,000,000,000
Token type: token erc20
Minimum goal: 5 million. United States of America
Hardcap: 50 million united states
The token value of gbtc = $ 0.248
Illegal flow: will be destroyed
Key Benefits: Consumers may be required
Current distribution: on time 21 days after sale
Token stats
Current main supply: 1 billion
Total distribution ico: 350 million
Ecosystem incentives: 200 million
Token price in ico: $ 0.24800

Token distribution will be created between users three weeks after the end of the auction. Coins are not for sale because ICO is subject to destruction

◆ About GIGBIT tokens and ico ◆

☀ Symbol: GBTC
☀ Total: 1,000,000,000
☀ Token type: ERC20 TOKEN
☀ Minimum sales: 5 MILLION USD
☀ Hardcap: 50 MILLION USD
☀ Price: $ 0.248
☀ Residual sales: WILL BE DESTROYED










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