Over the past few years, Freelance has become a trend for young people to choose work, with ease, freedom and creativity.

Freelance is understood as freelance work and those who operate in the field are called freelancers. They provide paid services themself and are not bound by long-term relationships with individuals or organizations. Freelancer is becoming an increasingly popular trend throughout the world. In the United States, where freelancers grow most rapidly, more than 40 million workers are now giving up a full-time job to move to a freelance job.

Freelancers can get many different jobs and arrange their own time at home, on their own, as long as the results are delivered on time. Someone who likes freedom or does not feel “satisfied” with the boss, so, they applied to leave off work. Someone who works at a certain company and still works overtime. Especially in the field of advertising, the copywriter after a period of work too stressed out and turning to freelancing is not rare story.

In addition to freelance, the freelancer also has an attractive level of income under the project or hourly. In fact, companies tend to pay quite high for freelancers who are fit for the job they are lacking. An “expensive” freelancer who has two or three times the monthly income of their full time co-workers is also normal.


With many advantages plus the advantage of freedom, especially when need to be able to spend time … go to travel, enjoy life more – freelance job is gradually becoming a trend of young people today. However, the freelance and on-demand economy are lacking the principle standards to form a trusting business relationship between clients and freelancers.

To solve this problem, GigTricks has built a blockchain-based ecosystem to increase transparency, trust, and reliability among the platform participants. Every action including review and skill ratings will be verified within the immutable blockchain.

As such, nothing can be forged within the ecosystem. The GigTricks objective is to create the world’s first 360° freelance and on-demand ecosystem which will be trusted by a community of millions. GigTricks promises to open up unlimited opportunities for talented individuals so they can find gigs, work from home, generate income and spend on their consumer needs.

GigTricks is looking to create a fully upgraded version of existing freelancing platforms that will be able to offer many opportunities, minimize risks and create a winning scenario for all. both parties involved. GigTricks has a vision in which they plan to become a reality. This vision can be realized as it creates a low-cost, accessible platform that will benefit many countries!


GigTricks ecosystem architecture has been designed to be highly scalable to ensure its versatility. This simply means that freelancers will be able to sell / market their products and services online or offline as part of the ecosystem. The freelancer can then receive payments through GigTricks encrypted cards that are named as GigBit cards (GBTC). The GigTricks platform aims to make global adoption an easy process.

The GigTricks Social Platform aims to allow users to earn GigBit by simply publishing and / or viewing social content. GigBit cards can be used as a means of paying for additional skills tests in GigTricks Pro or for accessing high-end services such as GigTricks Learning which will help the user learn additional skills. Users will be able to view both the overall profile rating of free people, their skill ratings and their specific skill rating and this will reduce the time spent on communication between customers and freelancers about 90 percent. Although, if any dispute arises, GigTricks have developed an incentive system that encourages trust and stubbornness. Global markets are expanding, and businesses around the world are now able to build their business growth and scale much faster.


Behind the success of the project can not fail to mention the contributions of the development team and the advisory board. The following is the information of some key members. The rest of you can see more details at their official website:

  • Amir is the mastermind behind Gigiricks’ Big Bang Theory. He is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer at GigTricks. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a solid 14 years of international experience in the field of project management. With his vision to incorporate security and transparency as the foundation in the freelance and on-demand economy, Amir has laid down the blockchain based blueprint for a 360° ecosystem.
  • Omair is the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at GigTricks, He holds a degree in Computer Sciencewith over 17 years of experience in IT sector. Heis a true catalyst and is responsible for GigTricks operations to start and accelerate at the intended pace to ensure goal achievements. He has hands-on experience of managing several IT companies and projects in international markets.
  • Sadiq is a serial entrepreneur, tech enthusiast, and blockchain evangelist. He is the Co-Founder & Chief Blockchain Officer at Gigiricks with 18 years of industry experience, MS in Software Engineering with various international technology certifications. He has diversified experience in deliveringtechnology driven, innovative and customereoriented solutions to enterprises at large scale for B2B and BZC marketplace, His existence and contributions are the key drivers in converting the blueprint of GigTricks into a full-fledged 360° ecosystem.

And some advisors


The GigBit Token (GBTC) is based on the ER20 format and it works in the Ethereum network as it will make it easily accepted by the community and market. Cards based on Ethereum are a good solution for regular payments above a small amount like $ 0.0001. GigTicks will use GigBit credits for micropayments to make them more efficient. Gigbit credits are not transactionable. They will be released by the platform and can only be converted into GigBit cards. GigBit credits can not be sent from one user to another, or outside the platform.

Token allocation

This confidentiality token (GBTC) is intended to allow an ecosystem-wide payment facility for participants around the globe. The token can be used for: In-App Transactions to Unlock Products or Services, User Registration, Community Rewards, Ads, Payments by Person, and Freelancer tipping.

Distribution of fund



  • The idea of the project is quite good. GigTricks promises to open up unlimited opportunities for freelancer easily find their job, generate more income and contribute to anti recession global economic.
  • GigTricks has a clear roadmap, with moderately capitalized amounts, with no over-rewards in the pre-release period, avoid discharge of goods after ICO.
  • GigTricks owns a team of experienced founders, developers and consultants in the field of project manager, IT and blockchain technology. This is one of the factors that determine the success of the project.
  • GigTricks accepts ETH, BTC as payment method. Safe, efficient, convenient and fast
  • Scalable, reliable and transparent: Due to the distributed repository protocol, each operation will be registered within the network in a way that is transparent, publicly verifiable, and impossible to falsify.
  • Interoperable: Once the platform is operational, the entrepreneurs will have the ability, through a single interface, to purchase any product and/or service within the freelance and on-demand economy as offered by numerous worldwide freelancers. In this way, each entrepreneur will be able to select from numerous applications or follow and/or buy any product or service without having to switch platforms. This interoperability will also make it possible to link to other distributed repositories such as those processing identity or background data
  • Fast: The blockchain will offer the technical consensus mechanism, enabling data to be validated in less than 1 second, in certain scenarios.
  • Very low transaction cost: The blockchain consensus mechanism makes it possible to secure highly reduced transaction costs.This is a huge breakthrough which will make it much easier to join the blockchain.
  • Trust: Both the entrepreneurs and freelancers will have the ability to trust the ecosystem. Since all transactions within the blockchain are immutable, all disputes within the ecosystem will be handled on a decentralized basis via the incentivized voting process.
  • Smart platform: Entrepreneurs will be able to verify the blockchain based immutable review rating for every freelancer, and they will also have the ability to search review ratings for every freelancers individual skill. This platform will permanently store the immutable review/skill data which will allow the entrepreneurs to hire the right freelancer for the right project in a quick and efficient manner.


In the future there will be competitors in technology and solutions. Hope GigTricks always hold the leading position as today.


BLOCKCHAIN JUST ENTERED THE REAL WORLD – GigTricks has a great future concept, features, and technologies. GigTricks is a potential project with a great idea and available product that own outstanding points. In addition, I find the GigTricks project to have a good development plan, a reasonable ICO strategic objective, and a highly-skilled GigTricks team. I believe this project has a high potential and interesting opportunity, so everyone investing in GigTricks I think is quite reasonable. GigTricks is a great project!




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