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The independent and on-demand economy right now needs guideline models required for the production of a confiding in a solid and sustainable business association among freelancers and customers. To settle this issue, GigTricks has made an environment controlled by the blockchain. This will guarantee more straightforwardness, unwavering quality, and trust among members. Each activity, including expertise evaluations and surveys, is confirmed by means of the blockchain. Along these lines, it won’t be conceivable to fashion anything inside the framework.

The point of GigTricks is to think of a 360-degree environment for the on-request and independent economy. GigTricks is likewise a valuable stage for battling worldwide subsidence. It guarantees that skilled youngsters have chances to discover gigs at home and create a salary. To accomplish this objective, GigTricks has used different cutting edge innovations. Here is one of the trend setting innovations utilized by this stage.

The Hyperledger Technology

Hyperledger Technology was created out of a need to top off the inadequacies that the customary blockchain has. This innovation is intended to use the blockchain in a way that is powerful, thusly offering secure and private access to the decentralized record. So, the hyperledger is a convention made out of web meta database, which can be utilized to keep up blockchains that are shared secretly.

In the interim, the texture in the hyperledger blockchain innovation is the center systems administration part. The texture is presently in charge of making innovation versatile and material for different organizations as per their necessities and requirements.

GigTricks Freelance On-Demand Blockchain Features

GigTricks has different reasons why it settled on the Hyperledger texture. The point is to guarantee the biological system is trusted, anchored, and adaptable for the individuals from the network.

Better Data Security

The Hyperledger texture will enable members in the biological communities to store and share information and data secretly inside hubs on the blockchain. The texture is demonstrated on the authorization blockchain. It will fuse a control instrument, which will enable different members in the biological system to access information or shield information from others dependent on set conventions. Therefore, individual information and data are anchored from open and unapproved get to, in this way taking out vindictive action.

For Transparency

The other motivation to utilize the Hyperledger texture is that it guarantees straightforwardness. To put it plainly, it doesn’t enable community to individual information yet will give others access the environment get to specific information dependent on conventions and settings characterized.


For instance, when a client sets up his profile and finishes arranges after some time, at that point the audits by different customers, aptitude rating, and profile will be noticeable to all members. Be that as it may, others won’t approach the gig spending plan and private messages with customers. In this way, the Hyperledger will let GigTricks reinforce security and straightforwardness in the meantime.

Restricting Transaction Fees

For secure exchanges, GigTricks will use the Ethereum blockchain. Be that as it may, to guarantee there are no exchange charges, the Hyperledger texture self discipline the environment. Along these lines, all exchanges are put away on the Hyperledger texture.

GigTricks GBTC Token ICO Details

The primary ICO will happen among July and August 2018. The pre-ICO will begin in around three days on April 15.

Allotment Of Funds

ITO: 35%

Group and Advisors: 15%

Biological system Incentive: 20%

Advertising and Bounty: 5%

Liquidity Funds: 5%

Treasury: 20%

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