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This world is full of talents and people with great knowledge in varying fields. With the growth of the technology and slow down in the economy these so called available talents do not find the right platform to meet the clients. Even from customers point of view, it becomes difficult for them to find right people at right time to cater to their needs. Also, there are people who wish to work from home online and deliver their services. But there is an acute crunch of a right platform for such people with so much calibre. To tap this unmet need, Gigtricks has come up with a unique platform where these talented people who wish to deliver their service, referred to as freelancers will find the clients on a well- designed platform. So, it is an opportunity for freelancers to showcase their talent and a boon for clients to easily find such kind of people without much effort.


The GigTricks Limited is a privately owned company limited by shares and incorporated in Gibraltaar in accordance with the Companies Act 2014 and with registration number 117112. Gibraltar was chosen to be established because of his understanding that his jurisdiction is friendly with crypto.

There are people who direct the company GigTricks. The function of these directors is to be responsible for the activities of the company and to oversee the Company’s activities on a daily basis. Directors shall exercise their powers in accordance with the Company’s articles of association and their fiduciary obligations to the Company. They are held with all the power to perform all necessary or useful actions to manage and control the company’s business and GigTricks platform development.


The GigTricks Company is striving to create a completely updated version of a freelance platform that will be futuristic in its ability to offer opportunities, minimize risks and create winning scenarios for all involved stakeholders. GigTricks has a vision of where they plan to come true. This vision can come true because it creates an affordable, accessible, and low cost freelance platform that seeks to benefit as many countries as possible!


GigTricks ecosystem architecture has been designed to be highly scalable to ensure its flexibility. This means that freelancers will be able to sell / market their products and / or services online or offline as part of the ecosystem. For example, digital marketers can develop and also offer courses or sell products or services on the GigTricks platform either online or offline (ie, privately). The freelancer can then receive payment through the GigTricks crypto token, named as GigBit token (GBTC).


The biggest issue that a freelancer face now a day is the payment. Client and the freelancer may easily agree on the terms of price and services, but ultimately the freelancer has to bear the mercy of client for the payment. On an average a freelancer looses around $ 6000 per year due to lack of payments from clients. They can not even go for a legal action because the amount owed is too little. On the other side, client faces the risk of meeting up with unethical and unprofessional freelancers which can delay the service or product until the client pays some add on to the freelancer. Also, freelancer face the bounding payment of ‘gig’ for registration with websites. These gigs can range from 10 percent to 20 percent. Fees has to be paid by the freelancer even if they choose to operate outside the popular websites.


Gigtricks aim to surpass all the existing loopholes present in the freelancing system. It has a vision of an alternative approach where the ever-growing freelancing community will benefit immensely. It has created a viable, accessible and low cost freelance platform that will benefit as many nations as possible. It will create work opportunities and hence help in fighting the recession problem. It has a platform which operates on ethical values. There is no room for bribery, entertainment, fraud and miss-commitments. All the users will be given a fair chance to find the perfect fit for their projects without establishing a traditional workplace. It will use cutting edge technology to reach to every corner of the globe and bring skilful people and potential clients under one roof and within each other’s reach.



Token GIgBit (GBTC) is based on the ER20 format and works in the Ethereum workplace as it will make it easy to adopt by the community and by the market. Ethereum-based tokens are good solutions for routine payments that are above a small amount like $ 0,0001. GigTicks will take advantage of Gigbit credit for micro payments to be more cost-effective. Gigbit credits can not be traded. They will be issued by the platform and can be converted to GigBit tokens only. Gigbit credit can not be sent from one user to another, otr outside the platform.

The crypto token (GBTC) is intended to enable payment instruments across the ecosystem for its participants globally. Tokens can be used for: In-app transactions to unlock products or services, User subscriptions, Community gifts, Ads, Royalty payments, and tipping Freelancers.

Token will also work to equalize the game arena and set a benchmark for services to be provided.




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