Gimmer is a decentralized platform (DAAP) for automated crypto-trading. It offers easy-to-use advanced trading bots.

Gimmer is an ideal for both advanced and novice traders and investors who want to make money on the crypto currency, but do not have the time to look all day at the markets.

Gimmer simply connects to the client account, and then uses advanced algorithmic trading bots to perform operations on behalf of the customer. Users can create any number of strategies for trading bots, using a combination of indicators, security measures, and other settings.

After the configuration, the user can run backtests to the next trading period. In Gimmer, trade bots are connected directly and securely.

Inside the Gimmer ecosystem, all customers will be able to share information about crypto-currency systems, ask questions and learn from fellow traders in the embedded social network. Users will also be able to enjoy and evaluate content.

Advantages of the Gimmer platform:

  • All successful traders, once started their formation as traders from the basics, I think that they could achieve much greater success if they had access to such revolutionary and highly effective platforms as Gimmer  . Regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced trader using this application, your chances of success and experience will only increase.
  • “Time is money!” – Once said the outstanding American politician Benjamin Franklin. And he was right. Automated trading bots Gimmer  , will be able to work for you even when you are doing your favorite hobby, increasing your capital and saving you a lot of time.
  • There are a lot of interesting applications and optimizers, but they are all designed for computer geniuses. With a decentralized DAPP application for automated trading in crypto currency, you do not necessarily have to be a professional programmer. I believe that accessibility, simplicity and clarity is the key to success, which this platform will help us achieve.
  • “Together – we are force”. A strong community of people who are keen on a common idea will be able to share, consult, train each other, so creating a competitive, thriving ecosystem where every user is a part of something.
  • Security. Gimmer is an application for, and especially, when it comes to finance.
  • Efficiency. Together with Gimmer, the user will be able to connect and use several exchange accounts, which will help you manage your time more efficiently and direct all your efforts to increase your welfare.

The entire Gimmer platform is based on a trading application that is focused on crypto-currency. This gives the user a variety of utilities. A decentralized application. All this will be illustrated using a simple and user-friendly mode.

It is known that trading in the multiple currencies supports the current trading process on the platform. This will allow traders to use several of their currency for their own bots to automatically start the trading process.

Bots rental is useful to Gimmer, and this is also from bots. This allows users to view the most interesting trading strategies.


All funds accumulated during Token sales will be used to manage Gimmer to your faster. The following diagram shows how the collected funds will be divided between the main functions.

  • 45% Development and operation
  • 35% Marketing and Acquisition
  • 15% Founder and team
  • 5%


In the “Gimmer” ecosystem has its own currency form called “Gimmer” markers (GMR). Each purchase, lease, sale, exchange, reward, or fee made in the ecosystem will require the use of GMR.

Start of ICO: February 1, 2018 (12:00 SRT)

End of ICO: February 28, 2018 (12:00 SRT)

Available in token sale: 100,000,000 GMR

Hard cap: 35,000 ETH

Soft cap: 4.800 ETH

Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 2500 GMR
(plus applicable bonus)

Minimum transaction  : 0.1 ETH


  • Week 1 + 20%
  • Weeks 2 + 15%
  • Week 3 + 10%
  • Week 4 + 5%


Having analyzed the information on this project, I want to draw your attention to the speed with which the crypto world develops. Here every day there are new and very interesting projects and of course, it attracts a huge interest of people around the world. According to the calculations of various authoritative publications and trade analysts, in the near future, the capitalization of crypto-currencies will reach a new maximum, which means that such projects as Gimmer will be in demand and useful. I will gladly recommend it to all of my friends and acquaintances.

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