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Gimmer is the creation of intrigue and frustration,it started when two good friends of blockchain fans decided to look at trading kriptocurrency. However, the farther they look, the more confusing it becomes.The incoming entrance is huge and the learning curve is even greater. With backgrounds in their User Experience Design and Full Stack Development has a vision to create a dynamic crypto trading platform. It aims to show how we use our team’s expertise to make trading cryptocurrency easy and accessible for everyone. Until now, Gimmer (currently in beta work) has been self-funded by the team.
There are already a number of automated trading bots platforms, but they are so complex to use and hard to understand. They require in-depth trading of knowledge and programming skills, which are alienate new customers and prove to be time consuming for more experienced traders. Gimmer solves this problem, which is fast and easy to set up without in depth knowledge of trading or programming skills required.

Our goal is to provide the best blockchains available crypto trading platform that is fast and easy to use and accessible to all customers regardless of their trading background or experience. With Gimmer you do not have to be an expert trader or know any programming. connect to a customer’s and customer’s cryptographic exchange account then using an advanced algorithmic bot trading to trade on behalf of the customer on the parameters set by the customer. Bots need no programming skills, no prior trading experience and no in-depth knowledge required cryptocurrencies Gimmer is suitable for anyone who wants to trade and invest in the cryptocurrency market and have no relevant skills or time to
watch the market all day.Visit to official website

In a market that never sleeps, experienced traders and crypto fans no longer need to be chained to their 24/7 monitors. Gimmer bots for all the buying and selling for them. Bots trading is configured through a simple point and select the interface so you do not have to learn programming or new skills to create your strategy.You can configure bot trading to include any number of indicators, safeties and currencies you want. After setup, you can run backtests to see how your strategy will be done during the previous trading period. This works out using historical data. When ready, fill in your bots with Gimmer tokens, sit back and relax the Gimmer trading bs trading on Gimmer eliminates the possibility of human error, avoid expensive emotional decisions and most importantly you must memorize a complex trading strategy for yourself.

We’ve created a fast and simple sign-up process. Because Gimmer never holds any currency, we don’t need to perform any lengthy identification checks, so customers can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Simply create your account, validate your email address, download the app, then follow the simple step-by-step instructions to sync Gimmer with your Ethereum address and your exchange account by entering two API keys.

One solution allowing more people to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges with higher chances of success lies in the platforms specializing in developing and renting trading bots. One of such platforms is Gimmer, a company offering a variety of bots capable of performing trading strategies with a different level of complexity. Gimmer’s bots can simultaneously trade multiple cryptocurrency pairs utilizing various market indicators for making their decisions. The entry-level simplest bot is provided by the platform for free. The cost of renting more advanced bots depends on the level of their sophistication, how many currencies they can operate, and how many indicators and safeties they use.

gimmer_1.pngIn addition to renting bots, the Gimmer platform provides a number of additional services related to crypto trade. One of them is an implementation of another interesting trading strategy called Crypto-Arbitrage. Crypto-Arbitrage is a strategy based on buying and selling cryptocurrencies simultaneously on the different exchanges making a profit off the price difference. The arbitrage bots constantly monitor various cryptocurrency markets and can pick the optimal place and time for making a deal. Also, the platforms allow its users to lend their cryptocurrency to traders using its algorithms to find the best loan terms available at the moment. The more experienced traders can earn money on the platform lending their strategies to other users. In this case, the user renting the bot pays an additional fee, which goes to the strategy owner. The strategy stays secret for the person renting it, which prevents the attempts to copy and use this strategy for free.

All the operations and transactions within the Gimmer platform are conducted using platform-specific GMR Tokens. GMR Tokens are an Ethereum based ERC20 cryptocurrency tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform provides a high level of security for the operations with the user’s funds. In order to conduct operations, Gimmer connects to the user’s exchange wallet. This way it never holds user’s cryptocurrencies directly.


Considering the growing interest in cryptocurrency trading and demand for the algorithms and bots allowing the traders improve their efficiency Gimmer has a high chance of further success.

Token structure

Maximum supply: 110,000,000 GMR
Available in presale: 15,000,000 GMR
Available in public token sale: 85,000,000 GMR (plus any unsold presale tokens)
Soft cap: 4,800 ETH
Hard cap: 35,000 ETH
Maximum Bounties, Advisers, Team and Reserves: 10,000,000 GMR
Accepted cryptos: ETHER (ETH)
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 2,500 GMR (plus applicable bonus)
Presale minimum transaction: 30 ETH
Public token sale minimum transaction: 0.1 ETH

Starting at February 1, 2018, and until the end of February Gimmer will conduct a token sale aiming to distribute 100,000,000 GMR Tokens.

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