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Cryptocurrency trading has formed a big part of today’s activities, but without the right knowledge and experience, one can’t thrive in the crypto space. This has stood as a barrier for some persons who would have wanted to venture into it.

I remember when I first started out as a trader second quarter this year, I was a total noob who heard about cryptocurrency and all the cool money flowing in daily into crypto space, I was overly excited and jumped in without any knowledge nor experience of the crypto space. My first few trades were profitable and I felt I have arrived at my destination. But before a couple of weeks went by, my trading account was depleted and I lost almost all my start up funds with previous profits inclusive. All these happened due largely to the fact that I lacked

  1. Basic risk management knowledge
  2. I lacked time and wasn’t able to monitor my trades all day long.
  3. I couldn’t handle my trades professionaly, I did manage my accounts based solely on my emotions and as I have learnt , being an emotional trader, is the worst approach one can display while trading.
  4. I had no knowledge of market psychology.
  5. I had little or no knowledge of technical analysis and I mostly depended on social media platforms like Twitter for trading signals which sometimes comes after the market trend has begun. All these were the sole reason behind my early start up failure.

    The backtest demo of the bot is live for trial. It uses historical data not real capital. You can backrest it and give a review about it’s functionality.

    The good part to all of these dilemmas is that Gimmerbot is here to proffer solutions to the numerous difficulties faced by me and numerous others venturing into cryptocurrency. Gimmerbot will be able o manage and execute trades once set parameters are met. It will as well provide technical analysis tools to help inexperienced and new traders and also make trading a lot more easier.

    Why Gimmerbot

    Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, it’s still at it’s early stage and of recent, they have started to be mass adoption of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, also massive awareness is being created daily for it. With all these, new people are bound to keep venturing into crypto space.

    Gimmerbot will enable new people coming into crypto space to be able to manage their funds and minimize loss, high risk and market volatility associated with crypto space. It will also help both professionals manage their accounts without having to check it all day long. This it will do through it’s advanced algorithmic trading bot which is easy to set up and use without any previous trading know-how.

    Gimmer’s integrated social community aids learning and interaction with fellow traders. Activities on the Gimmer platform is secure. Multiple exchange is also made available for use.

    There’s a simulator mode that allows for real life strategy trial, without real currency to enable users get confident in trading.

    Key features of Gimmerbot

    Automated crypto trading bot.
    Multi coin crypto trading.
    Rent strategies in the bot store.
    Customization of strategies.

    Gimmer Token

    Gimmer ecosystem has her own currency called Gimmer token (GMR). Every activity done in the ecosystem will require the use of GMR tokens. These tokens are not securities and doesn’t issue dividend based on acquisition. token sale information is as follows

    3rd Januray 2018
    31rd Januray 2018
    110,000,000 GMR Tokens
    50,000,000 GMR Tokens
    1 GMR Token have 18 decimals
    1 ETH = 1000 GMR
    (plus applicable bonus)

    The Gimmer ecosystem has its own form of currency called Gimmer Tokens (GMR). Every purchase, rental, sale, exchange, reward or fee made in the ecosystem will require the use of GMR Tokens. This includes, but not limited too :
    • Paying for the rental of crypto-trading, crypto-lending and crypto-arbitrage bots
    • Customising your trading strategy with additional currency pairs, indicators and safeties
    • Renting trading strategies from other customers
    • Earning GMR tokens for creating content in Gimmer’s integrated social network
    • As a reward for expanding the Gimmer community by inviting friends
    • As a reward for featuring in the community ‘Best Bot’ leaderboard

    1 FEB 2018 – 28 FEB 2018
    Ticker : GMR
    Token type : ERC20 ICO
    Token Price : 1 GMR = 0.27 USD (0.00040 ETH)
    Fundraising Goal : 23,300,000 USD (35,000 ETH)
    Total Tokens : 110,000,000
    Available for Token Sale : 90,9%
    Bonus for the First: UP TO +20%
    Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.1 ETH / TBA
    Token Issue : 1 FEBRUARY 2018
    Accepts : ETH
    Minimum Token Supply : 50,000,000 GMR
    Token Sale Hard Cap : 100,000,000 GMR
    Presale Hard Cap : 15,000,000 GMR
    Token Sale Soft Cap : No soft cap. As Gimmer is a working product, all funding raised will go towards expediting product development.
    Maximum Tokens for Bounties, Advisers, Team and Reserves 10,000,000 GMR (Bounties: +4% of total tokens issued. Advisers, reserves & team: +6% of total tokens issued)

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