In the never resting market , experienced brokers and crypto fans never again should be binded to their every minute of every day screens. Gimmer bots for all the purchasing and offering for them. Bots exchanging is designed through a straightforward point and select the interface so you don’t need to master programming or new aptitudes to make your strategy.You can arrange bot exchanging to incorporate any number of markers, protections and monetary forms you need. After setup, you can run backtests to perceive how your methodology will be finished amid the past exchanging period. This works out utilizing recorded information. Whenever prepared, fill in your bots with Gimmer tokens, take it easy the Gimmer exchanging bs exchanging on Gimmer takes out the likelihood of human blunder, keep away from costly passionate choices and above all you should retain a mind boggling exchanging technique for yourself.

We’ve made a quick and straightforward join process. Since Gimmer never holds any cash, we don’t have to play out any extensive recognizable proof checks, so clients can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Just make your record, approve your email address, download the application, at that point take after the basic well ordered guidelines to synchronize Gimmer with your Ethereum address and your trade account by entering two API keys.

Gimmer is the making of interest and frustration,it began when two great companions of blockchain fans chose to take a gander at exchanging Cryptocurrency. Be that as it may, the more remote they look, the additionally befuddling it becomes.The approaching passage is colossal and the expectation to absorb information is significantly more noteworthy. With foundations in their User Experience Design and Full Stack Development has a dream to make a dynamic crypto exchanging stage. It plans to demonstrate how we utilize our group’s mastery to make exchanging cryptographic money simple and open for everybody. As of not long ago, Gimmer (at present in beta work) has been self-subsidized by the group.

There are as of now various mechanized exchanging bots stages, yet they are so intricate to utilize and difficult to get it. They require inside and out exchanging of information and programming aptitudes, which are distance new clients and end up being tedious for more experienced dealers. Gimmer takes care of this issue, which is quick and simple to set up without inside and out learning of exchanging or programming aptitudes required.


Our goal is to provide the best blockchains available crypto trading platform that is fast and easy to use and accessible to all customers regardless of their trading background or experience. With Gimmer you do not have to be an expert trader or know any programming. connect to a customer’s and customer’s cryptographic exchange account then using an advanced algorithmic bot trading to trade on behalf of the customer on the parameters set by the customer. Bots need no programming skills, no prior trading experience and no in-depth knowledge required cryptocurrencies Gimmer is suitable for anyone who wants to trade and invest in the cryptocurrency market and have no relevant skills or time to watch the market all day.Visit to official website

Gimmer is suitable for anyone who wants to trade and invest in the cryptocurrency market and does not have the relevant expertise or time to watch the market all day. In a market that never sleeps, experienced traders and crypto fans no longer need to be chained to their 24/7 monitors. Now, they can quickly and easily create trading strategies and have their own Gimmer team do all the buying and selling for them. Trade bots are configured through a simple point and select interface so you do not have to learn programming or new skills to create your strategy.
You can configure bot trading to include any number of indicators, safeties and currencies you want.

After setup, you can run backtests to see how your strategy will be done during the previous trading period it’s successfully using historical data. When ready, fill in your bot with a Gimmer token, sit back and relax. Trade Bots Gimmer is connected directly and securely with your preferred exchange, sends buy and sell orders automatically so you do not have to Fuss doing it. Within the Gimmer ecosystem, all customers can share cryptococcal information, insights and views, ask questions and learn from fellow traders in our established social trading network. Users will also be able to like and rate the content

Free standard free kripto bot trading for free. This includes the use of one indicator, one security and one pair, without leverage.

  1. Automatic crypto trading bots that are fast and easy to set up with your own trading strategy
  2. Get a GMR token by hiring your strategy to other customers through the Bot Shop
  3. Rent bots that use strategies to try and test other traders
  4. Easy to prepare with no programming skills required
  5. Multi-coin trading allows you to select multiple coins for trading
  6. Free backtesting allows you to test your strategy during the previous trading period to see how it will be done based on historical data
  7. Simulator mode allows you to try strategies in real time, without real currency so that users can gain confidence
  8. Add more than 80 indicators to your strategy to maximize your trading
  9. Add from more than 10 safeties to your strategy to limit or
    prevent loss
  10. Choose a different trading mode
  11. Trading arbitration, making a profit by trading the price of coins among the exchanges.
  12. Social trading network so you can learn from, discuss and connect with other traders.
  13. Automatic crypto lending we create special bots to lend, and invest in the currency that has the
    biggest deficit, so get more interest. Bot loans are virtually zero risk, because they lend crypto to traders who use Exchange and do not
    allow the withdrawal, the loan is supported by the creditors themselves. • Configurator Onboarding process to identify user risk profile
  14. DAPP lightweight decentralized applications safe, fast and cost-effective for customers.

In addition to renting bots, the Gimmer platform provides a number of additional services related to crypto trade. One of them is an implementation of another interesting trading strategy called Crypto-Arbitrage. Crypto-Arbitrage is a strategy based on buying and selling cryptocurrencies simultaneously on the different exchanges making a profit off the price difference. The arbitrage bots constantly monitor various cryptocurrency markets and can pick the optimal place and time for making a deal. Also, the platforms allow its users to lend their cryptocurrency to traders using its algorithms to find the best loan terms available at the moment. The more experienced traders can earn money on the platform lending their strategies to other users. In this case, the user renting the bot pays an additional fee, which goes to the strategy owner. The strategy stays secret for the person renting it, which prevents the attempts to copy and use this strategy for free.

All the operations and transactions within the Gimmer platform are conducted using platform-specific GMR Tokens. GMR Tokens are an Ethereum based ERC20 cryptocurrency tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform provides a high level of security for the operations with the user’s funds. In order to conduct operations, Gimmer connects to the user’s exchange wallet. This way it never holds user’s cryptocurrencies directly.


The standard automatic crypto bot trading is offered for free. This includes the use of one indicator, one security and one pair, without leverage

Automatic crypto trading bots are quick and easy to set up with your own trading strategy, integrated with the main exchanges: Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex, OkCoin and many others.

Make money by hiring your strategy to other customers through a bot shop

Multi-coin trading lets you pick multiple coins to trade against, bots work with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and many others.

Free backtesting allows you to test your strategy during the previous trading period to see how it will be done based on historical data

Simulator mode allows you to try strategies in real time, without real currency so that users can gain confidence

Add from many indicators to your strategy to maximize your trading

Add from many safeties to your strategy to limit or prevent losses

Choose between different trading modes and choose the format for the indicators to work together

Arbitrage trading, generating profits by swapping different coin prices between exchanges, buying bitcoin or other crypto at the cheapest price and selling at the most expensive price.

Social trading network so you can connect with other merchants and discuss strategy

Portfolio bot (minimum 2 strategies) based on customer risk profile. It is aimed primarily at customers looking for more investment focus

Make a loan, use artificial intelligence to invest in the currency that has the most deficit, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Dollar, so get a larger interest.

An onboard process to identify a user’s risk profile to create a personalized investment.

DAPP’s lightweight, lightweight and cost-effective DAPP lightweight


Another advantage of gimmer platform is that you can use other people strategy for your bot or borrow others bot for a stipulated period of time at a fee which is payed in gimmer token.

In gimmer ecosystem the currency used in purchase of bot, strategy and other things are in what we call gimmer token (GMR) now this token can be gotten at the rate of 1ETH=2500 gimmer.

At present the token is built on the etherum blockchain so it can be kept in ERC20 compactable wallet

Presale begins on 17 January 2018 and ends 31 January 2018

Gimmer platform apart from Automated crypto trading provides

Automated crypto lending
Automated crypto arbitrary
Strategy bot renting

Date Sale Token

start presale: November 24, 2017

Presale finish: Jan 2 or when the presale cap is reached

Public Token Sale start: 3 January 2018

Public Token Sale begins: January 31, 2018 or when max cap is reached

What Gimmer Token (GMR) is NOT:
Gimmer Token no o! Ered as security. Gimmer Token not to pay dividends, commissions, shares or provide equity based on their acquisition.

What is Gimmer Tokens (GMR):
GMR Token is ERC20 cryptocurrency based on Ethereum

GMR Tokens only have value in the Gimmer ecosystem

Available to hold in compatible ERC20 wallet

Swap on the cryptocurrency exchange

● GMR Token has 18 decimal places

Token maximum 110,000,000 GMR Supply
Minimum Token Supply

50,000,000 GMR
Token Hard Sale Cap

100.000.000 GMR

Hard Presale Cap

15.000.000 GMR
Soft Token Sale Cap
No soft hats. As a Gimmer is a work product, all the funds raised will go towards accelerating product development.

Maximum Token for Gifts, Advisors, Teams and Reserves 10,000,000 GMR (Gift: + 4% of total token issued Advisers, reserves & teams: + 6% of total tokens issued)
received Cryptocurrency ETHER (ETH)

Exchange rate

1 ETH = 1,000 GMR (plus bonus apply)
Minimum Transaction Presale

30 ETH
Sale Public Token Minimum Transaction 0.1 ETH


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