Blockchain innovation is fit for changing our lives, our working environments, and different business branches. We see it consistently. Consistently we run over another example. Consistently we see issues tackled by the potential outcomes of blockchain innovation. Blockchain innovation resembles an enchantment wand that contacts our lives. All of a sudden we see that perplexing issues are streamlining and new ways are opened.


The Gingr stage is taking a shot at a huge issue that has existed since the presence of mankind. This issue isn’t communicated commonly; it is turned off; it is treated as though it doesn’t exist. This issue is one of the most seasoned callings on the planet; it is about paid sex laborers.

Beside the ethical discussion on this issue, we see that the issue is identified with the privilege to live past the elements of the ethical discussion. We realize that there are individuals who have been brutalized and executed by individuals who have never had an unsanctioned romance with them since they are simply whores. Gary Ridgway, who was in charge of the homicide of 48 ladies in twenty years, trusted that these killings were defended and that he couldn’t be considered capable.

This issue has been the subject of maltreatment in all times of history and has encountered genuine human rights. Individuals working around there face a wide range of maltreatment and dangers. Hence, it is one of the issues that should be settled in a rush.

Another imperative issue is that the whores are under overwhelming monetary abuse. The alleged pimp should be with them to shield the whores from physical viciousness, however they really abuse them. Their cash is taken by power; they are compelled to function as a sex laborer for life by marking high-whole promissory notes. They are even sold to individuals or to sex houses like a whorehouse. We realize that gay men we know as gay men are exposed to a similar abuse and brutality.

The #Gingr stage is agreeable to legitimizing prostitution and needs its workers to be lawfully guaranteed. Along these lines, it will keep sex specialists from paying their wages, viciousness in dim corners, or notwithstanding being murdered. The legitimate confirmations of prostitution work will result in a noteworthy decrease of prostitution, (for example, 25%).


The Gingr stage trusts that enhancements ought to be made to the working states of whores. For them, courses of action for work grants, opportunity of development and association, wellbeing conditions should be made.

The Gingr stage is endeavoring to unite individuals and clients working in this area utilizing keen contracts and blockchain innovation. The request will be as per the following: first, individuals need to enlist for the stage. Subsequent to enrolling on the stage, it spans to the profiles of alternate people enlisted on the stage and makes the determination. After confirmation by gingers, associations or operators, the booking will be made. After validation, the GGC token required for this exchange will be held in a different record until the specialist organization supports it. After the endorsement of the two gatherings, the reserve will be discharged.

Gingr produces answers with the expectation of complimentary prostitution everywhere throughout the world. In this arrangement, which is proposed to resemble a Uber, it is suspected that taxis prepared in the prostitution business ought to be utilized. Beyond what 400,000 taxis can be utilized around the world. On the off chance that the task is effective, its size will be unbelievable.

Gingr Connect is another imperative administration of the stage. People, associations, organizations are a global online enlistment include for employment offers and business openings. The tenets important to ensure the soundness of all gatherings will be pursued entirely.

Gingr will treat everybody similarly, paying little respect to sex or race. Individuals will most likely access encouraging groups of people, sexual wellbeing controls, and a network of restorative experts, paying little mind to whether they are utilizing the stage or not.

It will be utilized in all exchanges of the GGC stage, which is the money of the gingr stage. Based on P2P, outside Krypto can be exchanged on the currency markets. Along these lines GGC enables clients to play out every single monetary exchange.

Token Information

Token GG coin/GGC

Type Utility

PreICO Price 1 GG coin/GGC = 0.06 EUR

Value 1 GG coin/GGC = 0.12 EUR


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