Using its own currency, GGC, Gingr company is working to create a global ecosystem that allows businesses and consumers to quickly and easily test mobile, intercompany, inter-user or custom mobile tools. If Crypto works correctly, it can solve the current problem in the unregulated market. The goal is to solve the main problems of innovation and growth in the prostitution market by offering banking problems and payment methods with the possibility of transferring money in legal currency. It can then be used by all other parties. Our very ambitious goal is to complete all sexual acts worth about $ 186 billion (1, 2018) at GGC sooner or later. Of course, whether we can achieve this goal depends on many factors, many of which are beyond our control.


  • Gingr can find work at Ginger Pop n Go.
  • Gingr gives access to visa advice, tax regulations, local laws and work permits.
  •  Gingr can maintain your current customer portfolio.
  • The company can use hiring tools for job seekers.
  • Gingrs offers various services and can be calculated individually.
  •  The data basically changed after Gingr contacted the company or agent on his own. This includes contact details, availability and prices. Gingrs will always have the freedom to disconnect and all their information will automatically revert to its previous form before they connected;- How to quickly and easily find your last favorite Gingr.
  • Through checks, they can also maintain control, censor legislation, and remove it when necessary. “Gingr have a recommendation system where all legitimate users can earn money by referring to other users.”
  • Gingr regards the implementation of transportion needs.
  •  Three advanced filtration systems that allow consumers to choose the best combination of gingr, company or agency.

Interestingly, when searching on the Gingr platform, the volume is so large that it can handle as many regions as possible, although it can easily show how the platform works throughout the region. Based on everything that Gingr plan to do, the infrastructure will be strong and profitable, and they will be ready to strengthen their user base.

Gingr has attracted many users worldwide. They are currently mainly in Europe, Australia and Canada and many other areas. To date, hundreds of clients have registered as clients: more than 18,000 Gingr, more than 1,500 companies, and more than 1,000 agents. Switzerland, Germany and Austria are the first and most fruitful and feasible objects of the company since its foundation in Switzerland, which speaks German. They have a large number of Gingr on the Gingr platform, because they control this area in terms of the number of facilities and agencies available on the site.


Gingr’s system provides the world’s best solution to “close” the widespread industry of prostitution, one of the largest markets in the world. All this affects you, your family or friends in the community.

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