GlitzKoin : Pioneering the Diamond Blockchain

Diamonds are one of the world’s major natural resources. Research has it that rough diamonds valued at about US$15 billion are produced every year. Global diamond jewelry sales have experienced three-fold increase within the space of 25 years.

What is GlitzKoin
GlitzKoin is a project is designed to offer more than just generating of cryptocurrency. With a dedicated team of diamond experts as well as technical gurus who understand the blockchain technology to the optimum level, this project is about creation of a more excellent and superior trading platform for the buyers and sellers of diamond at all levels. GlitzKoin is transforming the diamond industry by lessening the barriers, instilling trust and increasing coordination as well as harmonization in the cross-border transactions for the entire diamond industry.
GLITZKOIN are integrating the blockchain mechanism. GLITZKOIN, being based on blockchain allows every diamond merchants and even new diamond investors to buy or sell diamond at just the presser of the key. GLITZKOIN will be creating a global digital ledger, which will allow to invest the end to the end history and the value of the asset. GLITZKOIN is changing the traditional diamond bourse into a virtual diamond market.


We fuse the most recent blockchain innovation into the store network of the jewel business. This opens up another stage to lead worldwide exchange precious stones. Other than diminishing the costs identified with an exchange, GLITZKOIN dispenses with the wasteful aspects that are natural to paper based exchange handling. An arrangement of cutting edge capacities are actualized to give an extremely perplexing and definite, precious stone following and following ability. The goal is to decentralize the commercial center for jewels, this will endlessly open up access for purchasers and venders of precious stones. The precious stone exchange requires extra auxiliary administrations like delivery, fund and protection. These administrations will be given by isolated specialist co-ops. The GLITZKOIN Project will just incorporate them in the stage and not charge any commission or business for such outsider administrations.


It will change jewel’s production network and guarantee it is more proficient for the gatherings included. This includes coordinating every one of the partners on one stage, in this way empowering secure and proficient exchanges and cost lessening for all.

This undertaking likewise amasses all the superior abilities in the blockchain innovation including precious stone specialists and crypto masters with numerous long periods of capability in all periods of jewel industry.

Other than actualizing the new cryptocurrency, GlitzKoin additionally grasps setting up of a full-bodied precious stone exchanging stage on the assumed stellar blockchain.

The system security and inventory network personality of GlitzKoin is altogether ensured and established on the unified byzantine understanding framework that guide in running system administration convention.

GlitzKoin offer easy to understand arrangements requiring less specialized learning that fits in effortlessly into the current business applications and additionally forms.


Merchants can get to business sectors that were already inaccessible to them.

Shoppers will at the appropriate time have the capacity to purchase specifically from the merchants.

The two experts and tenderfoots will have the ability to purchase the recorded jewels coordinate from the dealer, accordingly disposing of the numerous merchants and also commission specialists that are as of now commanding exchange.

GlitzKoin as virtual money coins can be utilized to pay for the jewels acquired, in this way disposing of exorbitant bank charges and in addition misfortunes because of cash change.

Without precedent for the blockchain business, advancement and innovation meets up to make a distinction for the purchasers and merchants of precious stone. GlitzKoin is another blockchain and virtual cash biological community, the game changer from the conventional precious stone exchanging to the new framework that enables imminent merchants to purchase, gather and claim jewel without a glitch at simply the press of a catch. GlitzKoin will make a worldwide advanced record that will implant the conclusion to-end history and the estimation of this advantage. With GlitzKoin, the conventional jewel supervisor is moving into a virtual precious stone market decentralized with a keen contract mirroring the kind of money related offering, a solitary jewel deal or a mutual venture on high esteem precious stones.


There is almost certainly that the usage of GLITZKOIN, will expand the market reach of the precious stone industry. The expanded perceivability of items and the acknowledgment of a digital money, will make it feasible for jewel merchants at all levels to build their piece of the overall industry. In the meantime, the straightforwardness of the entire procedure and the validation of the precious stones, will ingrain trust in both expert and first time jewel purchasers. The nonappearance of agents and a bringing down of transportation and other related expenses, will take into account very focused estimating.


We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) as the mode of payment for GLITZKOIN Token purchases.

The base purchase sum is 100 USD if installment is made through any of these Crypto Currencies — Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Stellar (XLM). For installment made through Bank Transfer, the base purchase sum is 10,000 USD.

Token: GLT
Bonus: yes
Cost: one GLT equal 0.2 USD
Accepting: ETH, XLM and BTC
Min investment: one Hundred USD
Hard cap: 40,000,000 USD
Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD
White list / KYC: KYC and White list
Country: Estonia

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