A lot of companies design game concepts without ground floor feedback from their future player-base which leads to unwanted creations and frustrating features.
Companies rely on players for beta-testing, customer acquisition, and game curation but, they rarely share rewards beyond in-app upgrades or early access to anticipated content.
Therefore we are here to give artists the resources to create games that they imagine and reward the players who fill their virtual world
65K – Users
$7M – Spent in Development
$5M – Revenue Earned
Game Loot Network hosts an online platform with user curated games and gaming resources. With blockchain technology at its core, it will disrupt the online gaming industry.
Game Loot Network works like an app store, with curated games and features enabled by blockchain technology. The cryptocurrency, LOOT, allows the platform to be a revolutionary one stop shop for all of gaming – from play, purchase, to design.
With us you can do whatever you want because we are a $ 7 million entertainment platform built in blockchain. Supported strategically, we have assembled development partners whose games have more than 100 million total downloads.
Build Funds and resources for game developers
Decentralized Publishing
The platform transforms game publication with an integrated crowdfunding portal. Indie designers submit their game ideas to a catalog within this screen. Their proposal page might include screenshots, demos, or gameplay footage. Users offer Loot tokens to sponsor promising projects. In exchange for their cryptocoins, backers receive a revenue generating percentage of the upcoming title. A decentralized collective thereby produces games through democratic demand.
Generate Recurring Income
When crowdfunded creations are finished they generate revenue for the developers and the backers. Independent artists reduce expenses, and players earn income from games they helped shape. Imagine owning a percentage of the industry’s next global hit.
Play User curated games and decentralized publishing
Smart Contract Rewards
The open ledger tracks users’ engagement with the platform. From design to gameplay, no digital triumph goes unrewarded.
Gaming Tournaments
Brow sweating competition typically reserved for professionals becomes accessible to all. Tourney champions receive Loot prize pools or in-demand electronics.
Earn Recurring revenue for designers and players
A Crypto Ecosystem
The Loot token acts as a gateway to every reward resource on the platform. With Loot, users can enter head-to-head tournaments, generate recurring revenue through crowdfunded games, purchase in-game boosts, bid on online auctions, earn extra income, and eventually download games built exclusively for the platform. Loot will thrive, nourished by extensive in-app utility.
Token Sale Countdown
The LOOT ICO begins May 29th, 2018
To join, click here:
An Industry Ripe for Disruption
Projection for the Global Gaming Market 2016-2020
Loot Token Sale Timeline
In the near future, a major part of this market will adopt Blockchain.
TOKEN PRICE $0.35 each.
It’s better on the ground floor. Early purchasers receive Loot bonuses:
Private Sale
Phase 1
200% Bonus
Buy 1, Get 2 Free
Phase 2
100% Bonus
Buy 1, Get 1 Free
Phase 3
33% Bonus
Buy 1, Get 0.33 Free
Public Sale
Phase 1
25% Bonus
Buy 1, Get 0.25 Free
Phase 2
17% Bonus
Buy 1, Get 0.17 Free
Phase 3
11% Bonus
Buy 1, Get 0.11 Free
Phase 4
5% Bonus
Buy 1, Get 0.05 Free
Phase 5
No Bonus
Daily Blind Auction Sale Auction
Loot’s not a buy-and-hope token. It’s the functional cryptocurrency of a grand vision. Game Loot Network represents more than a roadmap. Boasting a user-proven product, it surpasses words on paper. Extensive beta testing yielded more than 5 million dollars in revenue over just 7 months.
Key Features
Embedded Games within the platform
Downloadable Games
Real-life rewards with cryptocurrency
Incentivized crowdfunding for in-development games Rewards
User achievements
Income generating referral system
Gaming tournaments with real-life prizes for non-professional players
Competitive battle bidding for discounted gaming gear
Social Features
User curated game ratings
Intuitive friends system
Blockchain Gaming
Integrated crypto wallet linked to the platform
Monetized games award cryptocurrency to developers and crowdfunders
A digital currency that allows any connected game to offer real-life value

More Information Visit The GLN Link:

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