Global Listing Exchange (GLX) – The Future of Capital Markets

Global Listing Exchange is building the world’s only Capital Market Directory and Social Finance Network at The destination is a global capital market news data portal and ground-breaking financial networking platform. The GLX platform will be developed as a blockchain based distributed network creating the world’s first Global Capital Market Computer. The GLX – DApp Exchange ( is GLX’s “decentralized appstore” where anyone can publish DApps that can be used in the GLX ecosystem.

Global Listing Exchange describes itself as “the world’s only capital market directory and social finance network.” The website maintains a list of companies and groups from across the financial industry, including clearing firms, transfer agents, PR firms, exchanges, institutional investors, family offices, and more. You can sort through companies by category, continent, country, association, regulatory authorities, and more.

The overall goal of Global Listing Exchange is to make the world’s capital markets more transparent, open, and connected.

Problems with the World’s Financial Markets

  • Archaic infrastructure
  • Dimensionless visibility
  • Disparate data
  • Fragmented markets
  • Lack of integrity/transparency

At, you’ll find a directory of global capital organizations as well as news from the industry. Global Listing Exchange aims to change the way each and every member of the world’s capital markets connects, communicates, shares, and accesses information.

The website is powered by a token called the GLXCoin, or GC, which is an ERC20 compliant cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain. GC is a unit of measure and a medium of exchange.

There are Class A and Class B GCs that can be used to pay for goods and services on the GLX platform. This is the exclusive payment protocol in the GLX ecosystem. A basic membership is currently priced at $1 USD per month. However, participants on GLX will be able to charge for blog posts and subscription services, among other products and services.

Class A GCs are available during the upcoming Global Listing Exchange ICO, and they’ll be exchange tradeable after launch. Class B GCs, however, are earned for loyalty and incentives provided by the platform, and they become freely tradeable 1 year from the date of issue.

The alpha release for GLX is available online today at (the ICO website is At the alpha version of the site, you can view listed members by category or location. Categories include cryptocurrency exchanges, clearing firms, public companies, private companies, investment banks, accounting firms, and more. You can also sort based on associations and federations, regulatory authorities, countries and territories, and continents.

GLX Token and ICO Details

The GLX Network Token (GLXT) is a new series of digital hybrid utility tokens. GLXTs function as the exclusive payment mechanism and membership access device for the GLX ecosystem to incentivize key actions and needs within the platform.

GLXTs are used to pay for goods and services on the GLX platform and can be earned for loyalty and incentives by signing up at We are making a token primarily based economy that permits us to economically execute microtransactions in our network.

Exchange of GLXTs is made possible by the GLX Exchange, which includes all explorer, vault, and wallet functionality. This will permit us to feature a lot of options to the GLX system and to grow our member base.

Utilizing the GLXT to facilitate transactions allows true utility to power the ecosystem. Users gain the power to contribute work to GLX (post content, update profiles, launch dApps), while key actions are incentivized (developing dApps, sharing data, unbundling products).

GLXTs conjointly offer liquidity at the subject level, permitting GLX to make a cohesive expertise across several fragmented devices and touchpoints.

Coming soon members will be able to obtain tokens for inviting friends to join the platform as part of GLX’s viral launch strategy to incentivize early adoption.

  • Token Name: GLXT
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000

The GLXCoin crowdsale begins with a pre-sale from December 25 to January 14, followed by the main ICO from January 15 to February 14, 2018.

A total of 50 million Class A GLXCs will be sold during the token sale at a price of $1 USD per token.

You can use GLXCoins to pay for various services on the network.

GLX is based on a microtransaction system. The whitepaper mentions the possibility of charging $0.03 to access and read a blog post, for example, or paying $0.05 per day to get real-time access to fast information about a particular security.

GLX fees are set at $1 USD per month for a basic membership. Other GLX products and services have not yet been priced.

Road Map

2017 Q1

  • IP / Brand value
  • Vishal Singh joins GLX’s advisory board
  • Michael J.Piatt joins GLX’s advisory board

2017 Q2

  • Developed the concept of financial graph.
  • Larry Jonston joins GLX’s advisory board

2017 Q3

  • Bases de datos integradas de back-end / front-end GLX
  • David L. Ronn joins GLX’s advisory board

2017 Q4

  • Global ad exchange
  • Barry Romich joins GLX’s advisory board

2018 Q1

  • GLX.CO
  • Frank Heilman joins GLX’s advisory board
  • Russ Feldcamp joins GLX’s advisory board

2018 Q2

  • Ben Fairbank joins GLX’s advisory board
  • Start of blockchain development

2018 Q3

  • Audited financial of 2015 and 2016 completed
  • Start the market / news data implementation

2018 Q4

  • GLX Bl0ck Explorer starts up
  • GLX Equity Token creado en Polymath

2019 Q1

  • 2017/2018 financial revised CPA completed
  • Launch Security Token Offer (STO)
  • Social Sign in Goes live

2019 Q2

  • GLX wallet goes live
  • Multiple quote of offshore currencies
  • The market / news data terminal goes live
  • Beta goes live
  • Campaign for Viral Invitation
  • Audited financial 2017/2018
  • Board of Directors Formers
  • Form 1-A Sec Filling

2019 Q3

  • Public offer of Reg A +
  • Partnership program for business innovation
  • Services for members / clients
  • Partnership development initiatives
  • Development of GLX core / ID
  • Start the development of XR

2019 Q4

  • Start trading on a stock exchange listed in the United States.
  • Motor GLX MXRKET (SDK)
  • GLX Developer Campaign

2020 Q1


2020 Q2

  • Launch WXRX

2020 Q3

  • GLX Global Economic Council

2020 Q4

  • GLX 4.0 XR Board

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