Hello, I am Mairiri, here I will explain Global Property

A. Introduction of Global Property

Before knowing some explanation about Global Property, you should know about the vision and mission of Global Property. It has the vision to give easy access and secure to the homeowner to get the value of the real estate for their document. So, it is very appropriate for a developing country in Asia, Africa, and America. To reach the vision, Global Property has missions like build a blockchain property so that people can sell and buy a property. Global Property has a plan to build a Global Property Register. It has real estate solution to build a social platform with an artificial intelligence powered analytics to the owner so that people can access it

Global Property offers blockchain technology to register human property. It will make easy to use for making because Global Property is the number one of global blockchain register. It is kind of universal real estate register in the world. Global Property can be accessed in the developing country and develop the country. There are four solutions provide by Global Property,

1. Global Property is very universal. Many irrespective properties will be included

2. Global Property decentralized on the blockchain, so it is not open and cannot manipulate by a crime. It has a full transaction history that will make Global Property has good security

3. Global Property is recommended for the country that does not have one

4. There are some disease like floods, fires, and hurricane that cannot destroy Record so it will secure and safe

There is also some benefit for the country in the US and European like to help the country area in the natural disaster. Global Property minimizes the cost to 30% in the US. It is about 300$, in the UK and Europe the benefit is a similar or a little bit high. It gives good control for the owner of the property. There is a problem when the property in the UK below 45.000 pounds are not included, but it will be included in the Global Property. For the developing country like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and other developing countries, Global Property will also give the benefit like minimize mortgage interest. it will be able for 70% world population in the country without register. Opening more than 20$trn of property.

B. The product of Global Property

Global Property has some product to provide the best blockchain based on real estate. The team of Global Property offer solution for the real estate market, there are four main products:

1. XRX – Sale (Cryptocurrency Exchange)

2. XRX Socio (Social Platform)

3. XRX – Al (Artificial intelligence)

4. XRX – Title (Blockchain for Token reward)

XRX is the name of a token in Global Property. The distribution token consists of 30% for development, 15% for the team, 30% for marketing and the last is 25% for reserve. Beside distribution token, there is token allocation, that consists of 40% for development of technology and platform, 15% for development of business, 15% for regulatory and legal, and the last is 30% for marketing and operation. Ethereum is a blockchain that uses, there are totally five million of token supply in this platform.

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