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The blockchain is a database in a form of digital ledger. It includes a continuous growing list of data records that are chained together against version and tampering. Records are arranged in data batches called “blocks” and each blocks are connected to the previous one by hashing function, forming a chain of blocks that cannot be changed.

Global Property Register looks forward to a brilliant future where all real estate registries are based on blockchain technology and can be combined into a transparent and secure worldwide distributed ledger that allows users to trade real estate fast, without intermediaries and with low transaction costs.

Global Property Register: Blockchain Powered by Artificial Intelligence

The Global Property Register is an ecosystem of decentralized real estate that provides the public with the first global blockchain register. GPR allows people to register their property, prove ownership of a property, international digital real estate marketplace, and analytical solutions and tools powered by Artificial intelligence. It is hoped that through the solutions provided by GPR, people can wisely make decisions and projections regarding the property.

The vision of GPR is A world in which every homeowner is able to leverage the value of his or her real estate( house or land). Property documents are secure and easily accessible. Land and property fraud is eliminated especially in developing countries of Africa, Asia, and South America.

Benefits Of The Blockchain Property Register

  • It can allow each piece of property to have its own digital address where all information relating to the property may be stored.
  • This would include financial information, leases, taxes, bills, liens, etc relating to the property, potentially eliminating the need for expensive in-depth title searches.
  • Crucially, all property level information can be encrypted in such a way that only those with permission by the property owner.
  • Prevention of Fraud – All transactions that occur on the on a blockchain platform will be cryptographically signed and auditable.

GPR Products

GPR is developed with a professional team that provides the best service to its users. The GPR team has understood the problems in the real estate industry and knows the most effective solutions to the problem. The following are the products offered by GPR;

  • XRX Socio
    Social Platform for property owners Token Reward System
  • XRX – Tiltle
    Blockchain register for ownership – Token reward
  • XRX – AI
    Artificial intelligence for property owners.
  • XRX – Sale
    Cryptocurrency exchange that enables people to buy and sell a property.

In Conclusion

The Global Property Register (GPR) intends to build the FIRST universal real estate register that will help people to register their property or access the global property market that is transparent and reliable. With the support of AI technology, it is hoped that people can wisely make decisions and projections on property they want to buy/invest.

Token Sales

1 XRX = 0.005 USD
Token Name/Symbol XRX
Total Token Supply 5,000,000,000
Circulating Supply 2,500,000,000
Token Sale Price $0.005
Blockchain Used Ethereum
Token Standard ERC20
Pre-ICO Feb 2019
Soft Cap $2,500,000
Hard Cap $25,000,000

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