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Today it is almost impossible to find the area where the cryptocurrency would not have reached. The popularity of cryptocurrency makes us think about ways and technologies that will ensure their accessibility for ordinary people.
Let’s go a little bit into history. It so happened historically that the real estate industry is one of the most reliable sources for the preservation and increase of capital. but as you know, entry into this market is considered extremely expensive. A person must have above average income, high credit score, and an impressive down payment. In addition, the successful implementation of a real estate project requires the candidate to have a high level of competence, experience, and deep knowledge of law, finance, and construction technologies. In addition, substantial initial capital is required for the implementation of the transaction in the process of buying and selling. This impedes the development of real estate for a wide range of people and concentrates this business in the hands of holding companies, corporations and extremely wealthy people. 
Global Property RegisterThis platform is based on the blockchain and on the basis of artificial intelligence. Global Property Register ( GPR) – this will be the first universal register of real estate, which will be global in nature and will cover both developed and developing countries. The registry will include more than 4.5 billion people (with a property value of $ 20 trillion) worldwide. At the moment they are cut off from the real estate and financial markets. Secondly, it will also provide a global exchange of real estate. This platform will serve as the international digital real estate market for all market participants. Third, analytical solutions and tools based on artificial intelligence will be presented. This will allow you to make informed decisions. Above all, a social network will be created to educate and communicate with people.
The mission of the Global Property Register is to accomplish all of its global plans:

  1. Create a global property registry.
  2. Artificial intelligence based analytics to support property owners.
  3. Creating a social platform for the promotion of modern solutions in the field of real estate.
  4. Building a real estate exchange where people can buy and sell real estate. 

    Let’s look at the roadmap of the project. She points to the plans and goals of the project developers, both intermediate and major. The stages of financing and tasks for which it is directed are indicated. Acquainted with this card, we see that the company has already managed to do what stage it is at the current moment and what are its plans for the future. A high-quality roadmap will prompt investors when you can expect an increase in the price of tokens. 
    Here are the main steps that are indicated in the roadmap: 
    November 2016 
    The team and the concept of the Global Property Register platform are created. 
    December 2016 – May 2017 
    Proof of concept development. 
    December 2017
    Development of business model and whitepaper. 
    June 2018 
    Work has begun on the development of MVP. 
    October 2018 
    Completion of the MVP 
    November 2018 
    February 2019 
    Global Marketing Roadshow 
    June 2019 
    October 2019 
    Connect to the platform of countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, 
    October 2020 
    Connection to the platform of such countries as Brazil, India, South 
    Africa, Pakistan. 

    Consider the project team Global Property Register. As you know, about half of the success of the project is provided by a well-chosen team. The project website has information about team members with detailed background and contact information. In the composition there are participants who have already had successful projects in the field of blockchain. The XRX team combines the blockchain passion, industry expertise and proven achievements in finance, development, marketing and licensing. If the project employs experienced professionals who work in well-known companies, there is more reason to trust. The team involved all the necessary specialists. These are people who will take over business processes, operations, finance, scaling, legal services, the developer’s blockchain, advertising.

    For the convenience of carrying out activities on the platform, a mobile application has been created. By logging into the mobile app you can manage everything. Anyone who has a smartphone and an internet connection can upload data on their real estate and land into a universal registry created on the blockchain. 
    The application will be easy to use with a clear interface. Here, for example, a brief list of the benefits that the application provides: 
    a. Global real estate search. 
    b. Real estate toolbar. 
    c. Analytics based on artificial intelligence. 
    d. Registration of ownership in the register on the blockchain. 

    The team developed the following innovative products on its platform: 
    A. XRX – Socio
    Social platform for property owners. Token Promotion System. 
    B. XRX – Title
    Blockchain for registering property ownership. 
    C. XRX – AI
    Artificial Intelligence for Property Owners. 
    D. XRX – Sale A
    cryptocurrency exchange that allows people to buy and sell real estate. 

    Let’s look at the project token and its distribution. 
    Name: Global Real Estate Registry ( GPR ) XRX
    Token Symbol Token Standard: ERC20 Platform: Etherium Exchange Rate: 1 XRX = $ 0.10 US Total Tokens: 5,000,000,000 XRX

    Pre-ICO : November 2018 
    ICO : June 2019 
    Tokens will be issued 30 days after purchase. 
    Users who bought a token during Pre-ICO will receive a + 40% bonus. 
    Rules developed for the XRX token . Tokens have limitations. The number of tokens is limited and will not grow. Tokens are non-refundable. Tokens provide access to the ecosystem of the GPR platform and will be available for trading. Tokens will be littered on crypto-exchange markets. Each participant will receive an XRX token , after passing the KYC / AML verification . 

    Consider the distribution of tokens: 
    Marketing 30% 
    Development 40% 
    Team 15%
    Reserves 25% 
    Upon completion of the sale of the XRX token , the revenue from the sale of the XRX
    will be distributed in the following way: 
    Development of technology and platform 40% 
    Legal and regulatory issues 15% 
    Operations and marketing 30% 
    Business development and other 20%

This concludes the review. In conclusion, I would like to say that such a project has every chance of success in a crypto-community and bring profit to its investors in the near future. The team of professionals, which stands at the origins, a clear development plan, ideology and relevance make the Global Property Register an advanced platform that helps the cryptocurrency sphere to make a breakthrough in the future.

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