Global Property Register-the FIRST universal real estate register that will be worldwide in nature,


Block chain innovation can boost the worldwide platform to address more universal issues than the existing frameworks in the current installation. Here are all the incredible advantages that Blockchain innovation brings us.

Blockchain in different businesses will provide simplicity through classification. With an exchange related to money, you can see the Blockchain exchange status continuously, instead of not knowing how the exchange state is until the exchange closes, a typical problem in the current frame. The frankness remains unchanged when connected to all qualities recorded on the Blockchain.

A favorite view of renewing Blockchain versus existing frameworks is the ability to evacuate between road units by allowing individuals to manage each other instead of experiencing certain outsiders. This helps billions of individuals who live in countries where they cannot confide in middle-class people in a corrupt government’s view, a high rate of wrongdoing, contracting and operations, and keeping records. public or legal options are particularly limited.

Blockchain allows improving essential and optional exchange stages for securities and land “to regularly communicate new imaginable results to curb by creating greater liquidity and simple entry for home.

Global Property Register- is a decentralized biology community that provides the main blockchain world around the world. We affect the innovation of blockchain to make resource registration simpler for human beings, especially in creating countries. Worldwide resource enlistment (GPR) is the main land recruitment around the world that will have properties everywhere in the world, including countries created and created. It will provide evidence of ownership for more than 4.5 billion individuals (worth $ 20 million) worldwide that are not currently protected by protection and in this way cut out of the land market and relate to. It will also provide a worldwide resource transaction. This phase will be a program that introduces advanced land worldwide to all market members.

Advantages and tasks

Land is quite prominent among the most stable joint ventures and it includes a few risks such as a speculative system. The absolute worldwide estimate of cropland is more than 228 trillion dollars, higher than all worldwide exchange values ​​and securitized obligations tools set together and during the year. 2016, the volume of exchanges worldwide reached about 661 billion USD.By keeping a permanent record of ownership, ownership and asset movement, blockchain can provide a certainty of data taking into account a more reliable and straightforward aspect. . It can allow each bit of the property to have its own advanced position in which all identifiable data with properties can be dropped.

This will incorporate currency data, rentals, fees, fees, mortgages, discounts, building construction, physical quality and defined exchange history with properties, which can wipe out requests for Expensive title appearance.

In fact, all asset-level data can be encoded to only those with the property owner’s consent (or the moneylender operator, on account of a loan credit purchase home) may be allowed to receive.

Action against fraud – All exchanges that occur on the blockchain phase will be marked with a code and can be audited. Using the timestamp with the agreement system on the blockchain can avoid double placement / sale of a similar asset unit, which is a typical problem when an asset is recorded by intermediaries. different.

Products and solutions

Global Property Register Mobile APP

You can use everything while participating in their ecological community. At that time, along with your mobile and internet, you can transfer land data or some other property on their blochain register.

This application is easy to use, simple and surrender you to update every minute. The app gives you the following advantages: Global resource interface, dashboard features, investigations made by Artificial Intelligence, Assets

Blockchain enlistment. This application will be released before and continue to run on Windows, Android, IOS, …


They have experts in making the best and reliable blockchain-based land products. Their experts understand the special needs of the land market and try to make the best predictions. They will provide the following solutions:


Details about token


Like some other blockchain ventures, they also provide code for their XRX token. The token allows access to the biological community of GPR agreements and will be exchanged once recorded on transactions.

Distribution token


Fund Allocation

Upon the completion of the sale of XRX, proceeds from the sale of XRX

will be allocated as outlined below:

  • Technology and platform development – 40%
  • Legal and regulatory – 15%
  • Operations and marketing – 30%
  • Business Development and others – 15%
  • Roadmap

Their course starts from November 2016 (group consolidation to design). At that time, assembly and expansion were well ordered until 2021 will grow to a worldwide scale. For clarity about Roadmap see the image below:



Like some new improvements, Blockchain also has analysis. A progression of welfare-related questions and the reliability of this innovation has been raised, like the problem of human error; When used as a database, the entered data must be recorded exactly from the earliest starting point.

However, when innovation is used more often, these problems will be illuminated. During that time, innovation will streamline unpredictable and conventional land business.

With the vision of Global Property Registration (GPR), a world in which every mortgage owner can exploit his or her property estimates (home or land). Report protected property and simple to get. The distortion of land and property was wiped out, especially in the creation of countries in Africa, Asia and South America. Therefore, this is a network venture and the best system. For a gradual view of this commitment, please visit the links below:

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