Global Property Register (XRX Token): The World’s First and Only Universal Real Estate Register


Global Property Register (GPR) is a decentralised ecosystem that provides the world with the FIRST global blockchain register. GPR leverage blockchain technology to make registering properties easier for mankind especially in the developing world. GPR is the first universal real estate register that will be worldwide in nature, covering both developed and developing countries.

Global Property Register (GPR) will provide proof of ownership for the over 4.5bn people ($20trn value) around the world who are currently not covered and hence cut off from the real estate and financial markets. Secondly, it will in addition provide a global property exchange. This platform will serve as an international digital real estate marketplace to all market participants. Thirdly, analytical solutions and tools powered by Artificial intelligence will be provided to property owners enabling them make wise decisions and projection.

What they do?

Global Property Register (GPR) is building the world’s first global blockchain register platform on the blockchain. The platform is being developed as a tool to improve services to the existing and future clients, having identified weaknesses in the market. Using third generation blockchain technology to modernise one of the most established yet antiquated industries in the world, Global Property Register is an international platform on which regulatory documentation for property is secured and easily accessible.

How they do it?

The Global Property Register (GPR) platform is built on Ethereum Blockchain. With the help of the powerful blockchain technology that ensures the genuineness of property titles, the system also incorporates Artificial Intelligence and GIS (Geographic Information System). Future versions will include features like GPS (Global Positioning System). It presents an innovative, decentralized system where people will be able to enter their land registration information. This will prevent any other entity from claiming that property to be their own. In case a property registered on the platform goes uncontested, and following the required legal procedure, it will be assumed that they are the legitimate owner. Once titles are registered in this manner, ownership can be proven, and a whole host of options become available.

The Problem

  1. Most Land and Property is not registered. The World Bank says that only 30% of land rights are registered or recorded worldwide and this needs to change. Most countries do not have a central property register (
  2. Current Land and Property registers are open to abuse. These are held in databases or paper forms that are open to abuse and alteration by corrupt officials. These officials often alter the records in return for bribes or favours.
  3. The records are not safe from theft or natural disasters like floods, fires and hurricanes.
  4. The Registers are fragmented and not all inclusive. In the United Kingdom for example each Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland all have separate registers. More importantly not all properties are on the register. In England only property above £45,000 is required to be registered meaning hundreds of thousands of properties are excluded.

The Solution

  1. Global Property Register are building a register for those countries of the world which do not have one. Global Property register on the blockchain will provide for over 4.5bn people a state-of-the art property register.
  2. Because it is decentralized and on the blockchain, it is secure and not open to abuse or manipulation by any one party. It is an immutable record with a full transaction history.
  3. Records are safe and secure from natural disasters like floods, hurricanes and fires.
  4. The Global Property Register is universal and all-inclusive. All types of property irrespective of value will be included.

How Global Property Register (GPR) platform Works?

This platform was built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The Global Property Register (GPR) can be used for protecting the rights of the landowners by maintaining a global database of property rights. It is developing this blockchain powered decentralized system that will enable everyone in this world to enter their property information.

The system is being built to be affordable for most land and property owners in contrast to current conventional systems. Once implemented fully, this system will create a security for those in ownership, and the option to improve their situation.

The Products

The Global Property Register team has developed the following innovative products on its platform:

XRX – Socio: A social platform for property owners. Token Promotion System.

XRX – Title: Blockchain for registering property ownership.

XRX – AI: Artificial Intelligence for Property Owners.

XRX – Sale: A cryptocurrency exchange that allows people to buy and sell real estate.

The Initial Coin Offering

Global Property Register does not and will not create equity tokens that represent ownership of an asset. Rather, the Company has decided to instead offer a utility token. This token is called the XRX token. XRX tokens provide access to the ecosystem of the GPR platform and will be available for trading. Tokens will be littered on crypto-exchange markets. Each participant will receive an XRX token , after passing the KYC / AML verification.

Token Name/Symbol: XRX
Total Token Supply: 5,000,000,000
Circulating Supply 2,500,000,000
Token Sale Price: $0.005
Blockchain Used: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC20
Pre-ICO: Feb 2019
Soft Cap: $2,500,000
Hard Cap: $25,000,000

The Global Property Register Team

Consider the project team Global Property Register, the project website has information about team members with detailed background and contact information. In the composition there are participants who have already had successful projects in the field of blockchain. The XRX team combines a passion for blockchain, industry experience and proven achievements in finance, development, marketing and licensing. If the project employs experienced professionals who work in well-known companies, there is more reason to trust. The team involved all the necessary specialists. These are people who will take over business processes, operations, finance, scaling, legal services, the developer’s blockchain, advertising.

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