Global REIT is the main Blockchain based Sharia-compliant REIT to be propelled in the market. It is putting forth investors introduction to global real estate markets without the need of obtaining a whole property and move the management and consistence commitments to the store management.

Global REIT will acquire assets beginning from U.A.E. what’s more, quickly enter properties in locales around the world. The principal Asset under Management (AUM) will have a Net Asset Value (NAV) of USD 75 million and the aggregate portfolio estimation of Global REIT is anticipated to achieve USD 10 billion by end of 5 years. Global REIT is a Blockchain based REIT and It will pay month to month profit to every single token holder.

REIT, for the uninitiated, stands for Real Estate Investment Trusts, which is a financial instrument that allows easy purchase of real estate assets. You may not have a piece of land of a home to your name, but through the virtue of the REIT, you will earn dividends from said real estate.

Global REIT will take a shot at an indistinguishable instrument from a customary REIT yet will offer extra advantages including

• Future access to every one of its Assets under Management (AUM) beginning with free remains each year in its first Hospitality Asset

• Reward focuses will be offered in the Loyalty Programs connected with its AUM. These focuses can be utilized to profit free administrations up to a specific cutoff.

• The Asset portfolio of Global REIT will incorporate assets acquired globally dissimilar to conventional REITs which has forced confinements in this angle

• Token holders of Global REIT will profit by their interest in the ‘Reserve Management Income’ also which isn’t offered by customary REITs

• Token holders of ‘Asset Owning Company’ will be paid profits month to month not at all like customary REITs

The Global REIT stage, at its center, capacities to issue real estate assets and appropriate profits to all members and investors. The center modules that empower this are:

1) The Asset Management Module

2) The Compliance and Security Module

3) The Transaction Module

Global REIT will make utilization of Blockchain and will bear some significance with the accompanying:

• A crypto investor searching for stable profits

• A crypto investor trying to put resources into real estate assets

• Real Estate Asset holders hoping to exit into a fluid market in the crypto area

• REITs who might want to exploit an effectively settled square chain structure

The ICO of Global REIT will offer Dual Utility tokens to its endorsers –

1. Global REIT Fund Manager Token (GREM) and

2. Global REIT Asset Token (GRET)


The token holders of GREM and GRET will get future access to all Assets Under Management (AUM) of Global REIT. As to Hospitality Assets, token holders with least 5,000 tokens of GRET or GREM can profit free remains each year.

Moreover, compensate focuses will be offered in the Loyalty Programs joined with its AUM and these focuses can be utilized to profit free administrations up to a specific cutoff. Another utility for token holders of GREM is that those with least 100,000 tokens have a choice to pitch their real estate assets to Global REIT and enter the fluid market in crypto area.

These tokens can either be purchased from the Fund Manager (GREM) or from the Open Market. The settlement of such securing will be done in any crypto cash and the capital base will be open finished.

GlobalREIT’s framework, and specifically the Asset Management Module, is based over the Ethereum organize. Asset proprietors and overall REITS can enlist their assets with our Fund Manager, bringing the asset under our management and thus being recorded for wide scale venture openings on our stage.

GlobalREIT will run profound personal investigations and take after all KYC consistence with evaluators before posting any property. Investors will have a rundown of very broadened world class assets to look over with all points of interest recorded on the stage, for example, trade rates, NAVs, profits, hold interims, and least ventures.

This far reaching perspective will give investors similar oversight into venture openings not at all like some other REIT or stage previously, along these lines opening another influx of potential speculation.

Who might be intrigued?

Crypto Investor

1 A crypto investor searching for stable profits on a month to month premise and trying to put resources into real estate assets utilizing crypto monetary forms

2 Real Estate Asset Holders

3 Real Estate Asset holders hoping to exit into a fluid market in the crypto space


For a fruitful blockchain based REIT to work, verification of asset possession is a fundamental segment in the esteem chain. Our exclusive convention to ingest real estate assets and tokenize them through a savvy contract lies at the core of the framework. The engineering of the framework is based after building up a shrewd contract to set up trust between three key gatherings: 1) The Investor, 2) The Asset Owner (or representative), and 3) The Global REIT Fund Management Company

The investor stores either Ethereum or Bitcoin into the agreement while the asset proprietor or intermediary enlists their asset with the GlobalREIT Fund Manager (GRFM).
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