Global Risk Exchange

Global Risk Exchange


Global Risk Exchange (GRE) is a blockchain based, decentralized global risk exchange market, with the intent in helping individuals, companies and organizations to access, transfer, trade and manage their risks. GRE platform completely reconstructed traditional risk management tools(insurance and derivative contracts) in a decentralized way, and will become the underlying operation system to support insurance and derivative industry in the era of blockchain.

As stated, the investment would be used to secure the progress of the international distribution and ecological construction of GRE. What’s to come is constantly loaded with risk, it’s not possible for anyone to foresee with sureness what will happen even seven days from now(a week). It’s main solution for these issues is to deal with the risk utilizing insurance for the majority and subordinate items for institutions.

This will assists vulnerability about what’s to come. The risk administration area is very enormous. In 2017, the gross transaction were $4.8 trillion USD. This figure keeps on growing. GRE platform in blockchain is willing to reform the risk sector with instant risk transfer with only a single tick. It’s a platform where risk management policies and transactions are made real.


In the near future, Decentralization has been the desire of consumers in any form of transactions, GRE also wants to create the infrastructure and trading platform for risk management industry by establishing an underlying protocol for the creation of risk events, pricing, trading, information collection and oracles for assessing specific risks. GRE platform will modify products to guarantee that whatever numerous individuals as could be expected under the circumstances are secured.

The Token Price Insurance allows GRE users to get real-time returns on the basis of their own judgment of cryptomarket, while simultaneously buying insurance for its cryptocurrency portfolio. With GRE platform, risk contract sellers and buyers will be able to connect directly with no intermediaries, it meets the needs of different types of users, improved in high efficiency, personalized, fast and Long-term Dvelopment Plan.

GRE Token
Token Symbol: RISK
Token Price: 1 ETH = 100,000 RISK
Total Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 RISK
Lock up time: Nil
Soft Cap: 2,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 20,000 ETH
Start: May 20, 2018
End: June 20, 2018
Token sale 40.00%
Foundation Management Fund 10.00%
Community Dev Fund 30.00%
Team Member 20.00%
GRE team consists of international professionals with significant past involvement “in actuarial, risk management and technical research and development, including AXA, Allianz, Coinbase, China Life Insurance Group, and other Fortune 500 insurance-related companies. According to it’s listing we have:

Alberto Pedro Gabriel: Chairman of GRE Foundation, chairman of Argentina’s leading local life insurance company CRUZ SUIZA COMPA IA DE SEGUROS S.A. and has three insurance broker licenses in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay

Frank Desvignes: Founder and CEO of AXA Asia Research Institute.

Lorand Heissmann: Operation director at Allianz Insurance China.

Kazy Hata: CEO of justinCase, a Japanese insurance start-up, used to work at Milliman and Munich Re, Japan as actuary.

Li Jun: CEO of Yibite, Principal Investigator of 01caijing, early researcher and investor of Bitcoin, published several books on cryptocurrency.

Shen Bo: Founder of Fenbushi Capital and co-founder of Bitshares.

James Gong: Founder of ICOAGE (used to be the largest ICO platform in China) and Blockchain Pencil and published several books on crypto currency.

LD Capital: LD Capital was founded by famous blockchain investor Lihua Yi and is a reknowned institutional investor in blockchain industry in China. LD Capital has strong industry insight and resources and research team and has successfully invested: BTC, ETH, Qtum, Vechain, EOS, GXS, Achain, Beechat, ELF, Ulord and other more than 100 blockchain start-ups and earned more 100x in returns.

Crypto Venture: Crypto Venture Capital serves and invests hundreds of block chain-based projects, and have gotten Angel investment from JRR Capital.

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