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Insurance and Risks go hand in hand and understanding them properly is very important. Life without risks seems a little difficult, isn’t it? Why not play along for quite sometime to know what are the benefits lying within? Insurance as a term coined in daily life is the credibility or verification of any product or service for any individuals, investment. If we believe in an idea and its fairing then there is no harm in investing in it and later on earning from it. This might seem easy to be read on a paper and considering the current case on the screens. But when once confronted, the mountains of complicacies seem to rise higher and higher towards the skies. For putting our hard earned money in the hands of a stranger for the sake of belief seems like an alien phenomenon at once. The risk management becomes the protagonist of the story now.


There is a risk in life always, similarly, there are risks in the economy and its management. With inadequacy of knowledge in the corporal field and moral dilemmas to top it off, all w see around us are risks instead of benefits. But just like when the great lord taught us, are we supposed to sit back and do nothing because the way is difficult ?? the answer is no, definitely but is there really a way to motivate the mankind into making righteous investments ??


GLOBAL RISK EXCHANGE or as it is widely known as the GRE is a project which has faired to manage the risk issues that one has ever had in economy. The project promises to provide a system which not only provides the surety of a certain idea or a business but also ensure a safe rebound in case something goes wrong. The platform provided by the GRE is to function on the blockchain technology which will keep all the data and the transactional information decentralized. the accessibility of the data and its security would definitely increase the investment participation of the masses.

GRE also allows personalization of the risk management profile of the users which would create successful exchanges and transactions.

Another extravagant feature of the project includes the shifting of risks. This sort of risk management favours any insurer when not feeling safe with a certain investment.


The GRE market has taken up the total supply of 10,000,000,000 RISKS. the investments are an amazing value of 4,000,000,000 RISK. the hard capital and the soft capita investments are 20,000 ETH and 2,000 ETH respectively. The token sales are currently open until the early June.


Various businesses have various exchange tolerances. Not every small peddler can afford to invest big payrolls for the risk that are inclusive of the big upcoming project he believes in. this is about realizing dreams and just mere insurance issues. Thus shifting the risk onto another company in the name of risk management in exchange for getting paid by tokens seems like a right path to walk on. Human trust system is as hollow as any pitcher could get. Thus risk are not something to run from, they need to be tackled and that too, smartly. Insurance is a sector which requires money but with brains. Management is an essential for investment everywhere. So next time you feel the boulders of risks weighing heavyon you when in any insurance, take a look around and exchange the risks with the capable!!

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