Global Risk Exchange “GRE” Platform

Global Risk Exchange (or “GRE”) is a blockchain based, decentralized and open global risk exchange market, with the inspiration driving helping people, companies and associations to access and trade and manage their risks. GRE completely recreated customary risk management tools(insurance and derivative contracts) decentralizedly, and will transform into the fundamental operation framework to help insurance and derivative exchanges in the era of blockchain.

GRE intends to manufacture the infrastructure and exchanging platform for risk management industry in the blockchain driven world in the near future, by giving a fundamental convention to the creation of risk events, evaluating, exchanging, data gathering and oracles to decision specific risks. It will enable people and establishments around the world to achieve risk and return balance.

Earlier Problems

Before the coming or presentation of Global Risk Exchange, the conventional market management is faced with the going with issues;

Centralized Product Design and Risk Pricing Leading to Product Homogenization

High Sales Channel Cost and Low Cash Efficiency

Low Operating Efficiency

Client Privacy Protection

Misleading Policy Sales and Insurance Fraud

Moral Hazard

Uncounted OTC Trading Volume and Opaque Risk Measurement

Counter-party Risk and Credit Risk

Market Panic Leading to Liquidity Crunch

All people and associations can meet their individualized risk management needs through the GRE platform and find appropriate risk management contracts on our platform. Normal clients can create risk management contracts based on existing templates and embed private key scrambled personal data into that contract; professional clients on the platform (actuaries or actuarial establishments) can outline relatively more perplexing risk management contracts and pick up volume based rewards from exchange charges achieved from that risk contract.

On GRE platform, the outline of risk management contracts was completely democratized and isn’t controlled by any central regulator. The quality of the item setup is absolutely up the active exchanging market to choose. A superior planned contract will pull in biggger exchange measure and the contract fashioner will get higher exchange charge rewards. Misguided contracts will be marginalized for lacking of market profundity and exchange volume

The GRE platform leverages a decentralized order coordinating engine to faclitate risk management contracts. It is the best means of pooling private data of all market members. All people or associations with private data about a specific risk can trade that risk through the GRE platform hoping to benefit its private data. The real-time market cost of specific risk on GRE platform is the best evaluating for that risk without a moment’s pause.

Legal Structure of GRE

GRE Foundation Limited is a restricted risk organization incorporated in Hong Kong is in charge of GRE platform’s operation. The GRE Foundation Limited will go about as a free legal element, completely in charge of sorting out teams and cultivate an active designer gathering to create distributed risk exchanging platform and applications.

Be that as it might, the operation and usage of GRE thoroughly depend on aggregate self-governance, the GRE Foundation Limited just fills in as a common part in the gathering, proposes advices and plans for GRE’s governance, however does not have the benefit or superiority over other gathering people.

Who require us ?

The Insured

This gathering of clients are the people and companies in reality who need to purchase risk management contract(provide premiums) to help their risks

Contract Designer

Give professional risk management expertise to GRE people gathering and can distribute risk management contracts after gathering survey and earn expenses based on exchange charges gathered from exchanging this contract.

Safety net provider

This gathering of clients are normally insurance and re-insurance companies and insurance-connected securities investors. They earn premiums from the risk management contract and take the risk transferred to them

Fundamental BENEFITS

Decentralized Zero Threshold

Smart Contract Replace Traditional Institutions

Essential and Secondary Financial Markets Enable Risk Pricing

Distributed Database Protect User Privacy


All risk management contract exchanges on the GRE platform utilize RISK token as exchange intermediary, and the settlement of the contracts will utilize RISK too. Clients in GRE platform will pay exchange charges using RISK token.

Any association or individual can create a risk management contract on GRE platform after comunity survey and acquire a transation volume based rewards.

The people gathering will reward designers with RISK token based on their code commitment.

All people and associations are able to share contracts on GRE platform and draw in new clients to trade risk mangement contracts and they will get a reward from exchange charge gathered from the new clients they welcome.

Exchange dealers on GRE platform can RISK as collateral to issue market pegged tokens, for example, GRE.USD or GRE.CNY. This mechanism is like the BTS and BITUSD in the Bitshares ecosyetem.

GRE means to develop the blockchain infrastucture and exchanging platform for risk management industry in the blockchain driven world, by giving an open chian, a fundamental convention for the creation of risk events, estimating, exchanging, data gathering and decision. It will enable people and associations around the world to achieve risk and return balance.


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