Globale Krypto-Bank

Globale Krypto-Bank

 Future bank with BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology (ICO)

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Global Crypto Bank was established under the Swiss jurisdiction – the country that is most loyal to cryptocurrency and private capital, solving their problems.


We are a modern and innovative financing company that operates based on blockchain technology to solve our customers’ problems in the crypto finance industry


A number of modern banks have integrated the provision of their services on the Internet. They created internet banking, developed applications for clients to access their financial resources. And that is right. At the end of last year, 3.5 billion people had access to the Internet. And most of them are living in developing countries. However, nearly 5 billion people are cut off from the global financial system, while other parts of the world see their existence as natural. Imagine how many people do not have checking accounts, bank cards and deposits. This is mainly due to the reluctance of commercial banks to be present in the areas where these people live. Access to the Internet is a tool to solve this problem. Our Global Crypto Bank will give these people access to superior banking services: money transfers,  remote payments for goods and services, currency exchange and more. Our banking activities will not be restricted. This will be a modern bank that will be global from the first day. We do not try to create a market that is centralized and does not violate the cryptocurrency ideology, which is decentralization. We create procedures and tools for cryptocurrency applications that are convenient and safe


At the moment, investors who invest their money in crypto currencies to the same problem occur: great difficulties with traditional currency exchange items and buying services. We have our own payment system with bank cards accepted worldwide by all ATMs and POS terminals that work with Mastercard and VISA systems.


These are millions of shops, restaurants, cafes, and various companies around the world. At the same time, sellers can reduce their transaction costs. You can offer additional discounts to customers. And unlike cash payments or classic plastic cards, processing in our payment system is more convenient and profitable. 

Additional bonuses for free account balances are added every day to each customer. We will also offer three additional monthly and annual bonuses to deposit our clients’ funds.


Previously, we had a round of private investment at 
the price of  $ 150,000. We share the knowledge of investors who qualify and receive a first investment of $ 150,000 from private investors


When working with traditional payment systems such as MasterCard and VISA, financial institutions must receive MasterCard and VISA licenses and enter into contracts with banks that provide acquisition services and card issuers. Each transaction with a plastic card made by the seller will give the customer account decree with the card, net of 1 to 3 percent of the number of transactions. Thus, the cost of joint settlement is up to 3 percent, which causes the seller’s economic loss, the buyer’s burden.

Our payment and payment card systems reduce costs by 0.5 percent and create an independent settlement system. We will service the payment gateway and offer purchase services for our plastic cards. This also affects customer savings (buyers of goods and services).

Maintain decentralized user cryptocurrency accounts  , as well as maintain regular 
monetary transfers  and payments from conventional cryptocurrency and monetary 
integration services by third parties,  the cryptocurrency gets 
a plastic problem card to  customers from our bank and its relationship with active accounts 
up to commercial companies 
cash withdrawals from ATMs Worldwide 
free payments between users of our bank payment system 
Exchange –  Cryptocurrency and conventional currency 
with mobile settlement devices 
accrued bonuses to your balance account 
P2P loans

Why do we do that?

As experienced players in financial markets and ambitious and modern teams with high trust from our customers, we will be ready to offer more attractive and versatile tools. 

Unlike competitors, our company will work in an official legal environment and solve problems in an official manner. The background of each founder is enough to carry out this project. 

We are ready to offer our customers a more attractive and versatile tool.


The modern crypto industry changes rapidly and is introduced to real life and economics. Thanks to modern technology and blockchain, millions of people around the world and hundreds of thousands of businesses will be involved in the crypto business, and this process  cannot be included. 

More than ever before, the world needs to integrate crypto business into conventional financial infrastructure. And the Global Crypto Bank project has been designed to meet all these demands. Development of  Cryptocurrency based on the  first blockchain (Bitcoin) source for all crypto-industrial operations.

It is clear that modern technology allows owners of modern cryptocurrency to be protected from counterfeiting and theft. And it can be estimated that the world economic financial sector will begin to integrate with modern technology, including blockchain. All of this is caused by complicated data encryption algorithms. 

This integration is called FinTech – a combination of finance and technology. This process facilitates the provision of banking services to the public and business. The fact that cryptocurrency is not related to state regulations and conventional currencies also guarantees rapid development.

The cryptocurrency market has emerged and developed rapidly under our eyes. So it is not surprising that the initial investment market is also integrated with crypto currencies. The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is an investment attraction to launch technology by offering cryptocurrency to investors who are becoming increasingly popular every day.


The main operational activities will be online so that costs can remain close to zero and customers will not be burdened, as do commercial banks. 
All of our operational activities will be online. Therefore, our transaction costs will be zero. Therefore, unlike commercial banks, we will not charge transaction fees to our clients.

The main expenses of our CLASSIC and GCB BANKS

In the traditional banking sector, there is intense competition for new customers, which require large costs. In the case of an undeveloped stock market, you can reduce your real budget spending up to 5 times to get the same number of customers.


At present, the conventional banking system has serious competitors – crypto-economics. It all starts with the introduction of the internet in our lives. People get a lot of information. Now you can choose the most profitable service very quickly. The Bank makes concessions and introduces Internet banking. According to statistics, around 96% of all bank customers currently use mobile banking, call centers and ATMs. Many customers no longer need traditional bank branches. Our company also follows this path. We are just a click away from our customers – click to launch our app on your smartphone.Most fintech experts agree that the entire global economy will be based on blockchain technology in 10 years. As such,  we need to build high-tech ecosystems from today’s high-tech blockchain banking services. And we are pioneers in this field.

Security and protection

All modern tools related to the internet are used to ensure the right level of security. Most cryptocurrency customers are stored on an offline server insured by an international insurance company. A two-step authentication system that requests data to protect your account is used for the final security of all transactions. CUSTOMER ASSETS.


Commercial operations offer a platform designed to receive payments in cryptocurrency with bills from mobile devices for ApplePay – and Samsung’s pay system as well as global Crypto Bank plastic cards. Individuals are offered to use our Global Crypto Bank plastic cards and online application applications with conventional currencies and crypto currencies. People will also be able to withdraw money at all ATMs. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT US ICO  WHAT TOKEN GCB IS A GLOBAL CRYPTO BANK (GCB)

Every token is part of our bank. By buying a token, you become a co-owner of a multi-million dollar business. Each related owner has the right to receive dividends and use company technology. According to the ICO results, each partner will receive a share of the profits, according to their contribution. 


After the owner, Crypto Bank, 50% of the net income is to  pay the shareholders of the “global Crypto bank” token at the end of each fiscal year, according to our capital. 



All tokens will not be sold,  will be withdrawn, after ICO ends 

Pre-ICO length 

500,000,000 tokens 
unlimited number of tokens 

1 sign = $ 1 
sign of transaction costs of fiat money with 

$ 50 million 
total planned amount 


Jim Thomson (Fundador) 
Ross Crunk (Cofundador de CFO) 
Daniel Courtney (CTO) 
William Gordon (CEO) 
Erik Crowley (CPO) 
Jiang Supply (marketing) 
Lloyd Lane (Director de Desarrollo) 
John Hundley (lawyer) 


Stephen Murphy (CEO of Global Tech Events) 
Saul Hudson (Comunicaciones) 
Devon Wesley (Ingeniero de Blockchain)

Detailed projects More information, projects Proyk Token Sale Ico Change Bank: 


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