GLOBATALENT – Decentralized and Transparent Sports Marketplace with Blockchain Technology


GlobaTalent is an extraordinary platform that allows talented players to have financial support from their fans, yes fans in the current sport economy fans are only supporters who generate money for stadiums and clubs well with this platform global talent can be more than just a fan you can support your idols and future stars ,and enable them accomplish more in life. GlobaTalent talent allows young talented stars to sell their global talent token to all interested supporters this purchased tokens will enable players raise money for their financial problem and supporters will have a percentage in the players revenues as allocated to them by players for their financial support offered.

Globatalent will decentralize the sports economy by eliminating middlemen from the picture of a successful player allowing people to unite and help each other so they can benefit without being an intermediary entity.


By integrating existing blocking technology, we will create a platform that will connect you to various sports teams and you can invest in their games.

We designed a decentralized platform using blockchain technology, where you and the wider community get access to different sports teams / players. You will benefit from investing in players or teams in the markets we provide. Profits are derived from buying and selling future benefits guaranteed by the right of withdrawal, player transfer, prize money, salary, ticket sales, TV contracts or other income. No need to spend a large amount of money, you can invest with a small amount of money and use it. In addition to investing in this player or team, you also participate in the development of these sports players.

We prefer to use blockchain technology, because this technology is more secure today than conventional technology. Unlike conventional technologies, blockchain technology does not require participation in a third party, so it is more secure and economical. And blockchain technology is a more minimal system error, so this technology is more reliable and reliable.

Major challenges facing the sport industry.

Centralize Economy; the sports industry is currently centralised allowing only for a few to participate this allows transfer agent to charge interest from players and clubs.
Many players have the talent but lack the financial support this makes the spot industry difficult to get into allowing for killing of players dreams and the sport industry keeps revolving around familiar faces.
Clubs are faced with many difficulties due to large payment made to hedge funds clubs have a lot of responsibilities paying players salaries management salaries all these can not be possible with high fees paid to hedge funds.
Solutions to these problems.

Globatalent will help clubs receive financial support decentralized sports industry and allow fans to invest in their teams achieving benefits through the globatalent platform clubs will be able to sell and tokenizer right to receive prophet and benefits and advanced enjoying that all star player performance.
Athletes; globatalent will allow young players to sell part of their future incomes without having an everlasting mortgage on their life and will allow outlet achieve the financial support they need.


Name: GBT Token

Offering 500,000,000 out of roughly 850,000,000 initial GLOBA Tokens (GBT)

Accepted Payment: ETH

Maximum Token Supply: 850,000,000

Hard Cap: $61,000,000 USD

PUBLIC SALE (Crowdsale): Min purchase – 1.500 GBT (0,15 ETH)

PreICO start: 16 April 2018 – 00:00:00 UTC

PreICO end: 30 May 2018 – 23:59:00 UTC

ICO Start 18 June 2018 – 00:00:00 UTC

ICO End 30 June 2018 – 23:59:00 UTC



Advantages of Globatalent

Globatalent platform will allow all sports supporters to be more than just fans , it will allow our supporters to help players financially.
it allow for a decentralized platform where all players achievements and future plans are displayed for consultation.
it will create a more stable sport economy through the global talent marketplace.
it was all clubs in the tokenize ecosystem to raise funds and sustain the club.
it will create a platform where anyone can invest in players of their choice with the amount he or she can afford.
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