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The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new tasks. We have the greatest instrument on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a gigantic base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these ventures is GLOBATALENT, a blockchain commercial center that will diminish the club’s cost to purchase new players rights since they won’t have to work with the states of flexible investments. It will assist youthful competitors with getting in contact with their fans and get budgetary help to bear on their profession and it will make more grounded securities between fans with their games stars and clubs.Fans everywhere throughout the world will have the capacity to put even little measures of cash in their clubs or competitors and in this manner be bound to the future incomes the clubs and players can bring.

Globatalent is an exceptional transformation where you can put resources into your overall wearing legends. It is a blockchain stage where clubs and players can discover financing by offering their future income rights. Globatalent offers all fans from over the globe the capacity to put resources into their donning icons. A thought concocted by sports business visionaries, Globatalent has touched base to decentralize sport all in all. With encryption and blockchain innovation, fans can purchase and offer in the most secure way imaginable. The huge involvement in the brandishing scene implies that Globatalent has a gathering of energetic and committed people who need to have any kind of effect to the eventual fate of games. No game is forgotten and we know we can change donning wonders lives.

The Globatalent Platform sports-advertise tries to change wear venture models by offering an around the world, accessible, and an open stage that will enable every client to choose where to contribute by giving data of the pertinent competitor or game, past the client’s information.

We will offer another method for putting resources into sports in which every individual can choose who to help and won’t be restricted by their insight into the game or how much data they may have. Our blockchain will make ventures simple, help skilled competitors in a worldwide and a sufficient way. With this new speculation display, we will never again have a center man who might need to profit by our competitors or groups through their own offering. Each competitor will have a reasonable, open pathway to successfully exhibit their ability and have the capacity to remunerate their fans for it.

A huge number of fans will have the capacity to put resources into rising competitors or future top pick players by supporting their games professions and benefit from their prosperity.

The Globatalent Platform plans to assist those gifts with reaching their best potential and help the less physically capable ones to put resources into those with more ability and have the capacity to share their prosperity. It is a win-win for the two gatherings.


Globatalent plans a decentralized stage utilizing blockchain innovation, where you and the more extensive network gain admittance to various games groups/players. You will profit by putting resources into players or groups in the business sectors we give. Benefits are gotten from purchasing and offering future advantages ensured by the privilege of withdrawal, player exchange, prize cash, pay, ticket deals, TV contracts or other pay. No compelling reason to spend a lot of cash, you can contribute with a little measure of cash and utilize it. Notwithstanding putting resources into this player or group, you additionally take part in the advancement of these games players.

Our stage underpins clients to purchase and offer their tokens in the GLOBATALENT commercial center. Clients can purchase and offer different advantages of players and groups without bounds whose qualities ​​vary as indicated by their capacities. The group or player will get subsidizing from the level of tickets, sponsorship, TV rights, player exchange rights and/or the future privileges of different clubs they offer. These things will be accessible straightforwardly to people in general.

Globatalent planned this stage to run utilizing blockchain innovation as our stage advancement base. Since it initially showed up, blockchain accompanies a quick and secure online exchange offer and backings a wide range of information and cryptographic money. In its improvement, blockchain advanced and pushed the insurgency in the innovation area. Blockchain innovation utilizes a framework, where each exchange is recorded and can not be changed always, so exchange security and straightforwardness can be kept up and lessen the likelihood of information extortion.

Globatalent wants to utilize blockchain innovation since this innovation is more secure than common innovation today. Dissimilar to traditional innovation, blockchain innovation does not require an outsider, so it’s more secure and savvy. What’s more, blockchain innovation is a more insignificant framework mistake, so this innovation is better and more solid

Globatalent will encourage players or groups who require money related help for their accomplishments, by decentralizing the games business and giving fans a chance to put resources into their groups to make a benefit. Each 33% of the expenses we gain will be utilized to help the GLOBATALENT Youth Program which is a reserve bolster program for youthful competitors with no financial assets to build up their games and scholarly professions


•You are the genuine proprietor of games rights. Fans the world over can purchase their worshipful admiration rights.

•Exchanges are made promptly and without dread of misrepresentation. Fans can purchase and offer in a split second and safely on savvy contracts utilizing blockchain innovation.

•This stage permits sports decentralization. This permits the decentralization and administration of individuals to join together and help each other, so they can profit, without mediators, advantage from future benefits.

•Better approaches for creating. This stage enables individuals to put resources into capable individuals and advantage from their future achievement.

•This speculation procedure is computerized on the grounds that Smart Contracts produce utilizing Blockchain innovation, giving a quick, dependable and solid exchanging strategy.

•At Globaltalent, venture is a fluid resource that can be changed over by speculators into liquidity whenever through money markets.


Token Symbol: GBT

Public Sale: 18th June, 2018 to 30th June, 2018

Soft Cap: USD 5,000,000

Hard Cap: USD 35,000,000

Maximum numbers of token generated: 1,000,000,000 tokens

Maximum available for purchase: 500,000,000 tokens

Platform (Token type): Ethereum (ERC20)

Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, Fiat

ETH/USD ratio: The price of ETH will be fixed based on the ETH average price for 2 weeks prior to the Private pre-sale start date

USD Price per token: USD 0.07

Token Distribution and Usage of Funds

50% Token Launch

13% Bounty

20% Team & Investors

7% Advisors & Ambassadors

8% Reserve Funds

2% Airdrop

Usage of Funds

30% Software development

25% Marketing and Community Building

20% Operation & Legal

20% Onboarding Talent and sport development staff

5% Reserve




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