Why Globex SCI

Globex SCI will simplify scholarly writing work, investigate information compositions, and provide payroll related components for authors based on rankings with downloads.

The Globex SCI biological community is reinforced by scientific research, open information and clinical results that are exchanged with block chains. This makes it possible to present an in-depth innovation in the learning and recognition of applications based on organizational information and in the search for new materials that are correct.

Globex SCI is a Platform that gives a biological community that backings and interfaces researchers around the globe, utilizing Blockchain innovation as the reason for its advancement. Globex SCI gives a place where researchers can be remunerated and give them a trade of science administrations from numerous researchers. Globex SCI will be a Platform, which will have logical trades, investigate, and logical compositions and will remunerate them with motivating forces of token that can be utilized or traded on the trade.

Globex SCI is created by an accomplished and expert group, which considers researchers to be more esteemed for their administrations in innovative work of science. Globex SCI gives a biological system, where researchers will be given motivating forces from their logical original copies, where these impetuses will be figured in light of the quantity of downloads from clients. Globex SCI will run utilizing Blockchain innovation, which will give a distributed storage benefit and a shared system.

Globex SCI will share clients in light of their commitments to the Platform, perusers and substance creators. The Reader will give various tokens to content producers, identified with the membership expenses of substance made by content creators. Globex SCI utilizes a server that has been produced so as to give clients a more secure administration against each exchange made by the client. Globex SCI likewise built up a token, named Globex Coin, which can be utilized by clients to execute or exchange on the trade. Globex SCI will be an administration that will furnish clients with a substance that will add understanding to science, and reward researchers for each composition they have downloaded and perused by clients at Globex SCI.

We outlined this stage to run utilizing blockchain innovation as the reason for our stage improvement. Since it initially showed up, blockchain accompanies the offer of quick and secure online exchanges and backings a wide range of information and digital money. Blockchain innovation utilizes a framework, where each exchange is recorded and can not be changed perpetually, so exchanges can be kept up and lessen the likelihood of information extortion. The blockchain is innately impervious to the alteration of the information included. Blockchain (additionally called circulated record), innovations that take into consideration cryptography like Bitcoin and Ethereum, draw us into another period of worldwide receptiveness, decentralization, and incorporation. Since the disclosure of Bitcoin in 2008, the possibility of ​​decentralization, open agreement, and making another model of trust between the gatherings to the exchange have been grasped. The standards of accord, productivity and shared trust are identified with locales around the globe.

The main purpose

The ultimate goal is to establish strong links between researchers around the world and provide them with a platform for trade in scientific learning from various fields. They believe that quality resides in solidarity; As a result, aggregated information promotes new revelations for humanity.

Globex SCI Platform

The scenario divides the client into two classifications: perusers and the creator of the substance. Perusers, who owns chips (then currencies), uses it to buy membership or access only to scientific databases. Content creators get rewards encrypted for their substance depending on the number of requests for their articles. Excavators store parts of a scientific article database, which provides space for hard disk and calculation power for the handling of discarded information. The miners are rewarded for any external access to their articles, which are stored in their gadgets. For the distributed distribution of information, we use additional servers, which provide greater security to the substance. Sponsorship Due to the quality of the stage, the level of participation in the inspection of substances remains high. This allows you to customize your client base by starting it with a promoter using RTB and DMP models (we are the owner of the information). The promoter pays for every local advertising perspective that is consistent with the scientific article.


Benefits For Distributors

As a legal entity, this scenario will buy membership for some distributors and distribute distributors among its individuals in the blog.

The editor will obtain conclusions from each entry on the articles stored in the SCI Globex stage.

Benefits For university / research organizations

Organizations that have a membership compensation receive an agreement on disclosure of information to people who are not affiliated with their association. This implies that they do not have the privilege of delivering goods at the request of the foreigners.

Affiliation to schools will allow us to access their membership (if requested on the stage, the customer contacts the university intermediary and download free material from here).

Each university may acquire substance in which other related universities are invested (for this situation we are dedicated to mediation).

Benefits For creators

When the authors move the merchandise distributed to their own stage, they receive a prize that matches the number of references to these articles in various productions.

It implies that, if the article is useful, the author gets the prize, which exceeds the amount issued to publish it on the stage.

ICO Details

ICO is the best method to raise funds for Globex SCI, because only through the use we can achieve the freedom of structures of private interest, protecting the advantages of the scenario.

The GSI token is the key to using the Globex SCI platform

Payment for the platform services will be made by tokens using a smart contract system.

Type: utilitarian, listed at stock exchanges

Token exchange rate1 ETH = 500GSI (+ bonuses)

Minimum transaction amount 0.1 ETH

Maximum transaction amount 1,000 ETH

Soft cap amount 3,000 ETH

Hard cap amount 46,150 ETH



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