GLX; A Blockchain-Controlled Capital Market Directory and Social Finance Network

What is GLX?

GLX is a blockchain-controlled Capital Market Directory and Social Finance Network. The goal is a worldwide capital market news information entry and earth shattering budgetary systems administration stage.

GLX changes the manner in which every single individual from the world’s capital markets associates, conveys, offers, and gets to data.

GLX — Global Listing Exchange is building the world’s solitary Capital Market Directory and Social Finance Network at The goal is a worldwide capital market news information entrance and notable money related systems administration stage. The GLX stage will be created as a blockchain based dispersed system making the world’s first Global Capital Market Computer. The GLX — DAppExchange ( is GLX’s “decentralized appstore” where anybody can distribute DApps that can be utilized in the GLX biological system. GLXCoin (GLXC)/GLXCoin.eth is the installment convention for our system. We will look for raise $50 million USD in our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on February 1, 2018.

GLX Vision

GLX’s focal objective is to make the overall capital market continuously clear, open and connected with the universe of cash related markets, partaking in estimations, additional data on speed, publicize joining and abatement through game plans that will decentralize and law based access to fiscal market data and correspondence. The reason behind impelling this endeavor is that it understands that Internet access and information exchange limit continue building up comprehensive, with the objective that the world changes into globalization at an expanding speed page, while the imaginative chain of squares is a noteworthy structure, so the overall anticipates that entrance should prevalent government to information and correspondence money related market.

issues with the world’s budgetary markets

•       archaic foundation

•       dimensionless perceivability

•       disparate information

•       fragmented markets

•       lack of trustworthiness/straightforwardness

glx arrangement will be

decentralization and democratization of access to money related market information and correspondences

why now?

•       internet access and transfer speed proceeds to comprehensively increment

•       world markets are globalized in the quickening pace

•       blockchain – in a general sense changing business sector structure

•       global requirement for democratization of access to budgetary market information and correspondence


·        GLX has created security Tokens on the Polymath.Network representing class A common voting equity ownership in GLX, Inc.

·        1 ETH = 700 XX / Hard Cap 6 million Tokens of which 1 million are available for bounties and bonuses

Road map

2017 Q1

IP / Brand value

Vishal Singh joins GLX’s advisory board

Michael J.Piatt joins GLX’s advisory board

2017 Q2

Developed the concept of financial graph.

Larry Jonston joins GLX’s advisory board

2017 Q3

Bases de datos integradas de back-end / front-end GLX

David L. Ronn joins GLX’s advisory board

2017 Q4

Global ad exchange

Barry Romich joins GLX’s advisory board

2018 Q1


Frank Heilman joins GLX’s advisory board

Russ Feldcamp joins GLX’s advisory board

2018 Q2

Ben Fairbank joins GLX’s advisory board

Start of blockchain development

2018 Q3

Audited financial of 2015 and 2016 completed

Start the market / news data implementation

2018 Q4

GLX Bl0ck Explorer starts up

GLX Equity Token creado en Polymath

2019 Q1

2017/2018 financial revised CPA completed

Launch Security Token Offer (STO)

Social Sign in Goes live

2019 Q2

GLX wallet goes live

Multiple quote of offshore currencies

The market / news data terminal goes live Beta goes live

Campaign for Viral Invitation

Audited financial 2017/2018

Board of Directors Formers

Form 1-A Sec Filling

2019 Q3

Public offer of Reg A +

Partnership program for business innovation

Services for members / clients

Partnership development initiatives

Development of GLX core / ID

Start the development of XR

2019 Q4

Start trading on a stock exchange listed in the United States.


GLX Developer Campaign

2020 Q1


2020 Q2

Launch WXRX

2020 Q3

GLX Global Economic Council

2020 Q4

GLX 4.0 XR Board

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