GN Compass: The Peer to Peer Lending Marketplace Based On Blockchain Technology

GN Compass is a lending system where investors and borrowers can exchange value.People are getting lost in the current financial system. Let Great North Compass be your guide to creating value utilizing blockchain technology.With they

Cryptocurrency-Backed Loans ™, Compass offers investors good returns on investment plus added security on all funds invested.
Borrowing and Lending are part of our financial life. The peer to peer lending could not take off due to lack of trust between the engaging parties. Banks took the opportunity to create their centralised institutions, but now the time has come to break the cycle and create a new system of the lending marketplace.

Cryptocurrency is beginning to bring the market to equality where everyone gets equal opportunity. Is there something we can do to create a better framework for lending?


-Investment protection:Loans are backed by GNCT.

-Comprehensive borrower vetting process.

-Loan Liquidity:Entire loan portfolios or loan portions can be sold easily.

-Receive a higher interest rate than many traditional investment instruments.

-Transparecy:All transactions are verified and logged on the Ethereum blokchain and are searchable anytime,anywhere.

-Advanced investment analytic tools that track your investments to make sure your investment goals being met.

-A complete picture credit profile that doesn’t just look at credit scores and income.
-Ability toimprove credit rating by making timely payments.

GNCT Tokens are distributed to the public to create a strong support community. The ICO will distribute 20% of the 1,000,000,000, tokens. The Funds will be utilised for the development and marketing of the platform. One ETH is equal to the 5000 GNCT. The team believe that it will boost the cryptocurrency lending economy in the world.

Total ERC20 tokens created will be 1,000,000,000 GNCT. Valued at $0.14 for 1 GNCT
-20% Or 200,000,000 GNCT Will Be Reserved For Pre-Sale And ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Sale.
-10% Or 100,000,000 GNCT Will Be Reserved To Pay Out Bonuses.
-60% Will Be Reserved To Back Investor Funds On The Compass Platform.
-10% Will Be Held In Reserve.
Sale of tokens are to raise funds for platform development.

The decentralisation of the platform provides an option to anyone to register on the platform and invest in the market. Compared to the traditional lending marketplace, the interest offered by the GN Compass is higher and secure.

All the transaction are on the Ethereum Network which provides transparency in the marketplace. People will be benefitted from their crypto assets and GN Compass provides another way to earn your assets.

Be a part of this tremendous project.

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