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Hello buddy, if you want to invest in Initial coin offering (ICO) program then I have a very good ICO info for you to follow that is GAMELOOT – Virtual Platform That Gives Award for Players and Facilitates Game Design. For more details about this Project let we discussed together

But before joining ICO program we must know first what is Gameloot project. In the early days of the game, no one could predict the multi-billion-track video-game industry. The innovators develop pixelated sidescrollers into digital odysseys via immersive land. A resource design and development tool that simplifies game-building, and more games exist today than ever before.

Unfortunately, this revival of evolution catalyzes some of the problems in the industry. Particularly in mobile games, centralized platforms like Apps and the Google Play Store monopolize lionhare from market audiences. Regardless of exclusion exclusions, these off-the-counter mobile games are struggling to gather a user base.

In this overpopulated platform, Indie developers do not have the budget to compete with corporate giants. Design costs and marketing campaigns required to launch successful games often deter developers from passing on their vision; Ideas fail regardless of their reward.

While gamers may not struggle to find games to play, their role in the market is not appreciated. Companies rely on players for beta testing, customer acquisition, and game curation. However, they rarely share gifts beyond the in-app improvements or early access to the anticipated content. And even though the user is a clear viewer for the game, their desires are rarely felt in the development stage of the blueprint; the company designed the game concept without feedback from the ground floor of their future player base. This leads to unwanted creations and frustrating features.

Introducing Loot Network Game

The $ 7 million social-game platform built in blockchain, with games that are curated and designed by the community. And supported by a game development partner whose creation garnered more than 100 million downloads

Build Funds and resources for game developers

Publishing Decentralized

The platform is changing game publications with an integrated crowdfunding portal. Indie designers submit their game idea to a catalog on this screen. Their proposal page may include screenshots, demos, or gameplay recordings. The user offers a Loot token to sponsor a promising project. Instead of their cryptocoins, supporters receive a percentage of earning revenue from an upcoming title. A collective is decentralized to produce the game through democratic demands.

Generate Repeat Income

When the crowdfunded creations are finished they generate revenue for developers and supporters. Independent artists reduce costs, and players earn income from games they help shape. Imagine having a percentage of the next global industry hit.


Curated and publishing game users decentralized

Smart Contract Prizes

An open ledger tracks user engagement with the platform. From design to gameplay, no digital victories are unappreciated.

Gaming Tournaments

The sweaty competition normally reserved for professionals becomes accessible to everyone. Tourney winners receive a set of Loot prizes or electronic items of interest.


Recurring revenue for designers and players

Crypto Ecosystem

Loot Token acts as a gateway to every gift resource on the platform. With Loot, users can enter head-to-head tournaments, generate recurring income through crowdfunding games, purchase in-game improvements, bid on online auctions, earn additional revenue, and ultimately download games created specifically for the platform. Loot will evolve, maintained with utility in wide application.

A Ripe of Industry for Disorders

Projection for Global Gaming Market 2016-2020

With over $ 100 billion in sales throughout 2017, the mobile games rank among the fastest growing markets in the world.

Box / Downloaded PC

PC Browser





Loot Token Sale Timeline

Better on the ground floor. Initial buyers receive Loot bonus:

Token Sales Structure

Token sales will use soft and hard caps, with anti-dilution mechanism available to those who contribute under soft hats. This means that the original Sales Target (STC, or Soft Receipt Cap) will be set for private and public sales. However, if the STC is met, Game Loot Network ™ will allow additional sales of tokens up to the Maximum Sales Limit (MST or Hard Receipt Cap) achieved. Buyers who contribute under the STC will then be awarded a pro rata LOOT bonus for their contribution rate under the STC (anti-dilution bonus). This is done to provide certainty to initial LOOT buyers regarding the proportion of their contribution. STC is $ 50,000,020.00 and MSTC is $ 75,000,030.00.

Token Name LOOT

Holding company GLN Holdings, INC. (WY, USA)

SAFT Entity Loot Cove Co., LLC. (WY, US)

Public token sales agent Loot Cove Co. LTD (Mauritius)

LOOT Price USD $ 0.35 [or equivalent in ether]

Target sales of CAP (STC) US $ 50,000,000.00

The maximum sales target (MST) is US $ 75,000,000.00

Total supply of LOOT 600,000,000 LOOT

Token Supply CAP model Fixed, non-inflationary

Public sale duration opened May 29, 2018

The duration of public sale is 230 days.

Distribution of Results



Loot Network Games will be a one stop shop for all games: play, buy, and design. The world and character charms make GLN separate from a variety of natural resources; this is a revolution that continues to grow.

February 2018

The utility token, ‘LOOT’, becomes the LOOT Land game cryptocurrency.

March 1, 2018

Loot Network ™ games launch PRIVATE SALE for their global ICO to accredited investors.

May 29, 2018

Game Loot Network ™ launches PUBLIC SALE for their global ICO.

August 1, 2018

GLN’s 1.0, a virtual world built in blockchain, was released. Players can travel to locations in a fantasy environment and interact with revolutionary game features. Games are available on the platform for download. Cryptocurrency combined with smart contracts enables real rewards.

September 1, 2018

The arcade platform area, Arcade Town, hosts embedded games and competitive tournaments. Tourney winners receive real world gifts.

October 1,

2018 The GLN Auction Battle Arena is open, hosting an embedded game and competitive tournaments. Tourney winners receive real world gifts.

November 1, 2018

Game Forge opens and will show a list of game projects proposed by the developer. Users can choose from one of these projects and submit their LOOT tokens to provide developers with design and marketing budgets. When monetized, the game will generate recurring revenue for developers and any users who submit tokens.

February 1, 2019

Arena Battle Battle GLN underwent beta testing with Crowd Machine to transition to a decentralized battle platform offering. The expected launch in the second quarter of 2019.

2019 Throughout 2019,

great emphasis will be placed on the growth of the developer community and the user community. This emphasis will include global reach for independent game developer communities and large-scale promotions for user communities to grow their social network within the terrestrial ecosystem LOOT

2020 Q1

The decentralized Game Store Arcade is testing beta with Crowd Machine.

2020 Q3

GLN’s virtual blockchain world becomes a decentralized mecca for game developers and players. The title Blockbuster was built in The Game Forge and released via Arcade Town. Users buy and download games with LOOT tokens and share revenue between the original sponsor and de game


GLN’s virtual blockchain world expands to combine new cities with new features. Developers avoided publishing gatekeepers and released fully funded games to an audience inspired by City Arcade. The addition of VR and AR is applied so that users can actually live, win, gain, and play.


Great game successes were produced in The Game Forge and purchased through Arcade Town. The title offers competitive games with prize pool prizes, LOOT prize prizes, and LOOT Land cryptocurrency supporting a wide-area third party economic network


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