The hospitality industry is the second largest travel industry in the world and is currently dominated by the suppliers of the online travel agent. OTA generates about 70% of reservations for online reservations, and this has affected direct hotel bookings, profit margins and loyalty programs.
GOeureka wants to change the script, first placing the hotel and the client. Blockchain uses the technology, GO Hotels and customers will be able to enter orders without commissions, accept payments through criptomonedas without agency fees and convert traditional loyalty programs to the brand.
GOeureka aims to create a new symbiosis in which the hotel will control its brand, demonstrating value to consumers on its platform, the company said. The GOeureka concept for the future of the tourism industry is an online ecosystem that supports where all businesses are given the opportunity to grow and benefit from providing the best products or services for travelers. Being a partner in hotel technology, GOeureka intends to provide users with unlimited web applications and applications without the high commission created by OTA today.
The company said it provides an affordable and efficient platform for hotels and consumers who will directly participate and lead each other, eliminating unfair commissions for OTA, which in turn reduces the hotel’s margin and increases consumer prices. This advantage is then transferred to the client.
GOeureka also introduced a reservation function that is designed to change the order, so that customers get the best value for the room. When hotel rates drop, the reordering function automatically detects and re-orders existing orders at a lower rate. In addition, GOeureka offers a compatible loyalty program that will benefit hotels and clients, promote their own programs to encourage hotel loyalty with the ability to convert loyalty points to GO Credit, which can be used for GOeureka platforms.
Advantages of the platform for potential customers: 
Zero commission. 
Automatic backup function. 
Compatible points of loyalty. 
Payment methods are available both in traditional currencies and in crypto-currencies. 
Ability to use all over the world. 
In the future, it is planned to use bonus points that can be obtained by users from participating in various loyalty programs on the same platform. Points received from restaurants can be used to obtain a loan in the GO system, which will be accepted for payment for other services. 
This platform includes:
Web site with order and payment functions A 
mobile application for customers and hotels, providing their direct interaction among themselves. 
Databases and servers for storing personal identification data, information about customer orders and data received from the hotel. 
Using Blockchain Ethereum and Intellectual Contracts 
For consumers who have subscribed to several loyalty programs for the GOureka loyalty program, interoperable solutions can facilitate the instant exchange and exchange of multiple loyalty currencies on a single platform. Blockchain acts as a permanent and reliable book for all transactions related to the issue of GO loans, creating transparent, proven loyalty without the need for intermediaries, the company said.
Detailed ICO 
GO Token is a unique utility – a sign that works on the platform as a virtual currency. This is intended to facilitate transactions on the GOeureka platform, such as nightly shopping in hotels, hotel services and the use of a number of other benefits and rewards for travel.
Token Token – 
standard token GO-ERC20 
The total volume of tokens issued for sale is 600 million. 
All unsold tokens will be burned. 
The cost is $ 0.10 a lottery. 
Loyalty Program: 
Private sale – 30% 
Pre-ICO Phase 1 – 15% 
Pre-ICO Phase 2 – 12.5% 
ICO 1 – 10% 
ICO 2 – 5% 
Hard Hat – US $ 60 million. 
Accepted currencies – ETH, BTC, USD 
Restrictions on participation – USA, China
Distribution of tokens

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