The growth of online travel agents is a perfect example of how new technology can disrupt existing industries. These online agents have a big advantage over normal hotels because they can offer cheaper prices and more choices to consumers. However, it’s not all bright for online travel agents; The traditional hotel sector is slowly adopting online technology. However, these hotels are still lagging behind.

They have to work faster. If not, brokers who make them contact with customers can start making more of them. The GOeureka team thinks they might have found something that would give this hotel an edge over its agency. To do this, they decided to add the loyalty program available with blockchain technology. The GO project goal is to utilize blockchain to create a symbiotic relationship between hotels and customers. Hotels will maintain control of their brands while customers will get more value at the same price.

GOeureka is a travel technology company that uses blockchain technology to build a hotel booking platform

The presence of Goeureka itself is caused by many problems that consumers complain about. The problem that has been resolved by the GOeureka Team is with a very long experience. and this is a problem that has been solved by the team for consumers,
the first is the lack of transparency which causes prices to be higher than the commission which is unfair to OTA which ultimately reduces hotel margins and raises prices for consumers.
The second is the abandoned hotel loyalty program that can make consumers lose points and then free hotel prizes.
and finally, the search for bias generated through search results that are modified and rearranged in OTA ultimately determines the choice and value of consumers.

For hotel problems that will be resolved by the team,
the first is the impact on hotel bookings from online travel agents that dominate the sector, pushing up to 70% of all online bookings.
second, high commissions result in OTA charging hotel fees of 15-30% of the commission, affecting hotel margins.
and finally, the lack of access to increase OTA dominance limits hotel access to consumers looking for hotels.

This platform includes:

1) Website with ordering and payment functionality

2) A mobile application for customers and hotels, providing their direct interaction with each other

3) Centralized database and server to store data identifying people (IDL), information about client orders and data received from the hotel

4) Using blokcheyn Ethereum and smart contracts for issuing decentralized GO tokens and implementing requests for payments

GOeureka also has Vision and Mission

GO’s vision is to enable hotels to focus more resources to provide better intrinsic value and services to tourists around the world.
GOeureka’s mission is to decentralize the hotel booking sector and provide better transparency by allowing hotels to connect directly with their customers.

The thing the GOeureka team wants to know is finding a definite point to disrupt the domination of Online Travel Agencies (OTA) today. OTA currently manages 70% of online bookings, this has an impact on hotel direct bookings and profit margins. OTAs usually serve unfavorable terms to the hotel, with parity level clauses and high commission rates. Therefore, as a hotel technology partner, GOeureka wants to try to maintain the hotel brand and their direct communication to customers so that customers do not misinterpret hotel prices.
With GOeureka you will no longer pay / search for hotels through OTA. which will make you spend more money to book a hotel. with GOeureka you can save more, and become more excited to find a hotel.
so you don’t have to think long or doubt.
Another flexible way to facilitate GOeureka users, GOeureka will be launched with a mobile application for iOS and Android. let users easier and use their cellphones.


Advantages of the platform for potential customers:

  • Zero Commission
  • Automatic backup function
  • Compatible Loyalty Points
  • Payment methods available both in Fiat and Cryptocurrency
  • Ability to be used throughout the world.

In the future, it is planned to use bonus points that can be obtained by users from participating in various loyalty programs on one platform. Points obtained from restaurants can be used to receive credit from the GO system, which, in turn, will be accepted for payment for other services.

Rincian ICO

GO Token – a unique utility – a sign that works on the platform as a virtual currency. This is intended to facilitate transactions on the GOeureka platform, such as night purchases at hotels, hotel services and the use of a number of other benefits and rewards for travel.

Token Token – GO

Standard Token – ERC20

The total volume of tokens issued for sale – 600 million.

All unsold tokens will be burned.

The token fee is $ 0.10

Loyalty program:

Private sales – 30%

Pre-ICO Phase 1 – 15%

Pre-ICO Phase 2 – 12.5%

ICO 1 – 10%

ICO 2 – 5%

Hard hat – USD $ 60 million.

Accepted currencies – ETH, BTC, USD

Limitations for participation – US, China

Token Distribution:

Fund distribution:




Project team


for more information visit the site below:

Website: https://goeureka.io
Whitepaper: https://goeureka.io/#download
Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=939773

ETH: 0x600551EA1C7fE83F9f63254B3b054DcAe9cC2251



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