The hospitality sector is the second largest provider in the global travel industry and is currently dominated by online travel agencies. OTA’s generate about 70% of online hotel bookings and this has impacted on the hotel’s direct bookings, profit margins and loyalty programs.

GOeureka wants to change the scenario by placing hotels and customers in the first place. With the help of Blockchain technology, go hotels and customers will benefit from the introduction of commission-free bookings, the acceptance of payments by Kryptowährungen without dealer fees and the conversion of traditional brand loyalty programmes.

About GOeureka

GOeureka is a travel technology company that uses Blockchain technology to build a hotel booking platform. Our mission is to decentralise the hotel booking area and make it more transparent by connecting hotels directly with your customers. As a technology partner of hotels, go wants to offer users a dynamic digital experience and eliminate the high commission structures imposed by online travel agencies. By reducing the financial obligations of hotels on third-party booking platforms, go pursues the vision of providing hotels with more resources to deliver value and services to travelers around the world. Focus.

GOeuers Objectives

“GOeureka aims to create a new symbiosis in which hotels retain control of their brand and at the same time unlock unprecedented value for consumers on their platform,” said Manraj Rai, CEO of GOeureka. “GOeurekas vision for the future of the travel industry is a supportive online ecosystem in which all companies have the opportunity to thrive and benefit from the provision of the best goods or services to travellers. “

As a technology partner of hotels, GOeureka wants to provide users with a seamless web and app experience without the high Commission structures imposed by the current OTAs.


GOeureka launched a patent waiting for the customer’s order to obtain the best possible value for the room. If the hotel price goes down, the rebooking feature will automatically detect and repost the existing booking at a lower rate, added Rai.

As a technology partner for hotels, GOeureka wants to offer a seamless web experience and seamless applications without the High Commission structure currently used by OTA.

“We offer an affordable and efficient platform for hotels and consumers to connect directly and eliminate unfair commissions in Ota, which in turn reduces hotel margins and increases consumer prices,” said Rai. This unprecedented advantage is then passed on to the customers.


“GOeureka introduces the re-booking feature, which is waiting for customers ‘ patents to achieve the best possible value for the room. When hotel prices decline, the re-booking feature automatically detects existing orders at a lower rate and rearranges them, “added Rai.

GOeureka also proposed an interoperable loyalty program that would benefit hotels and customers by promoting their own hotel loyalty program with the option to change hotel loyalty points to go credit that can be used on the GOeureka platform.

“For consumers who subscribe to multiple loyalty programs, GOeurekas solution for a business loyalty program can facilitate the immediate exchange and exchange of multiple loyalty points on one platform,” said Rai. “Blockchain acts as an eternal and secure directory of all transactions related to the issuance of go credits and creates a transparent and verifiable inventory of loyalty points without the need of intermediaries. “

GOeureka will launch the first alpha version of its hotel booking platform on September 10th.“We will be performing live test jobs on the platform in the next few weeks and holding the MVP Order Platform feature on September 10th,” said Rai.


    Inequitable commissions to OTAs ultimately decrease hotels’ margins and increase consumer prices

    Consumers miss out accruing points and subsequently free hotel rewards

    The manufactured bias through modified and reordered search results on OTA’s ultimately costs consumers choice and value

How It Works

  1. Customers search the GOeureka platform for their next hotel stay. Hotel information, booking rates and services are displayed. Interoperable loyalty program and re-booking features areavailable to customers.

  2. Hotels update their ratesmultiple times a day. Our unique algorithm will automatically re-book existing customers’ bookings,(at no extra cost) when the hotel reduces their rates ensuring that you always get the lowest possible price.

  3. Customer receives price drop notification and the difference is credited back to the users account.



The GO Token is a digital token or virtual currency designed to facilitate transactions on the GO platform for the purchase of room nights, hotel services, and other internal processes and payments within the GO infrastructure.

GO Tokens are awarded to initial contributors during the token sale and may be traded on exchanges in the future or spent on the GO platform.


GO Token The GO Token is a digital token or virtual currency designed to facilitate transactions on the GOeureka platform for the purchase of room nights, hotel services and unlocking a range of other benefits and travel rewards.

Token Type Utility
Standard ERC20
Token Ticker GOT
Tokens for sale 600 million tokens. All unsold tokens will be burnt.
Token price $0.10

Bonus Distribution :

Private sale – 30% | Pre-ICO Phase 1 – 15% | Pre-ICO Phase 2 – 12.5% | ICO Month 1 – 10% | ICO Month 2 – 5%
Hard Cap USD$60 million
We Accept ETH, BTC, USD
Restricted Countries USA, China


1. Dec 2017 – Feb 2018

Development of MVP and smart contract.

Presale of GO Tokens.

2.Mar 2018 – Aug 2018

Launch of GO Token Sale.

Development of App and Booking website.

Marketing and connecting with potential partners.

3.2019 Build key partnerships with Hotel groups.

Develop loyalty network for interoperable points spending on platform.

Development of multiple cryptocurrencies payment.

Launch of augmented reality feature.

4. Sep 2018 – Dec 2018

Launch of product Beta test with partner hotels.

Product market launch.

Development of loyalty points.

GO platform to launch and accept bookings.

Launch of digital marketing campaign and customer acquisition program.

5.2020 Expand loyalty network across industries.

Have global market reach.

Develop loyalty network blockchain.

Exploration of customer big data and analytics.

Launch of entertainment feature.


Manraj Rai

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Justin Lim

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Tejvinder Singh

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Chan Huan Gee

Chief Visionary Officer Ex-Country Director, Agoda

Ray Lee

Blockchain Developer

Shuk Huay Koh

Chief Product Officer

Lisa Yeoh

Project Manager


Andras Kristof

Chief Technology Officer Yojee Limited

Maria Nakpil

Ex-VP Regional Marketing and eCommerce, Hilton Asia-Pacific

Trond Vidar Bjoroy

Head of Product Development and Implementation, ATPI

Subhajit Mandal

CFA-Director, LumenLab–MetLife Innovation Centre

Rhenu Bhuller

Partner and SVP, Frost & Sullivan

Louise Daley

Deputy Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific, AccorHotels

Amarpreet Singh

Blockchain Consultant & ICO Advisor


Website : https://goeureka.io
Whitepaper : https://goeureka.io/#download
ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3382526.0;tous
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GoEurekaTravel
Twitter : https://twitter.com/goeurekatravel
Telegram : https://t.me/goeureka

Wallet : 0x59510FB12c5d92d48cc3c0dF01fEC73661C93D94


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