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GOeureka is ahead of many similar blockchain projects, with trial bookings on the blockchain through smart contracts on Ethereum and a significant infrastructure of available hotels. Its board includes C-level executives from Accor Hotels and Agoda, among others.

The development of online travel offices is an ideal case of how new technology can disturb an existing industry. These online organizations have an enormous favorable position over the ordinary hotels since they can offer consumers low prices and more alternatives.

However, it isn’t all blushing for the online travel office; the conventional hotel division is slowly adopting the online technology. However, these hotels are as yet lagging behind. They have to work quicker. Something else, intermediaries that get them in contact with clients could begin making more than them. The GOeureka team thinks they may have discovered something that will give the hotel an edge over offices. To do this, they have chosen to enlarge the existing faithfulness programs with blockchain technology.

The point of the GO project is to use the blockchain to make a harmonious connection between hotels and clients. Hotels will maintain control of their image while clients will get more an incentive at a similar price.

The GOeureka Vision

GO has a plan to make an online ecosystem where businesses flourish by offering the best services to travelers. As a technology accomplice for the hotel industry, GO will offer a basic and direct app and web understanding to users without the high commissions on generally locales. By freeing up resources for hotels, GO will make it feasible for them to offer better client esteem and service with their resources.
GOeureka Transparency And The Blockchain

A key feature of the blockchain is accountability. Go will use the blockchain to ensure that accountability and straightforwardness are maintained in the ecosystem. Go will supplant the compensation to play course of action used by most travel organizations. The platform will be unprejudiced and no commission will be charged on users. On GO, hotels will never again need to pay for perceivability. All showcases and list items will be determined by the execution of a hotel and the reviews it gets from its users.

GOeureka Hotel Booking Loyalty Programs With The Blockchain

If a hotel wishes to integrate, the GO ecosystem will offer an API where a hotel can link their inventory with the reservation framework. There will be guides offered to the hotel’s IT office to make the integration consistent. Go will likewise integrate with the property administration programming of a hotel by means of vital organizations.

One issue that GO will illuminate is the detached dedication programs. Today, every airline, auto rental service, and the hotel will have its own devotion program. This makes it difficult for ordinary consumers to sufficiently collect points to reclaim for significant rewards.

An integrated dependability program powered by the blockchain is what’s to come. Go will make an interoperable program that is powered by this technology. Users will have the alternative to change over the steadfastness program points of a hotel in GO credits. With this framework, steadfastness points earned from an auto rental service can be changed over into GO credits. This would then be able to be used to pay for a hotel room.

How Reliant Are Hotels On OTAS?

The online travel specialist business was a model initially received by hotels as a way to clear unsold inventory. However, the section and quick extension of OTAs are reshaping the travel industry. Hotels presently depend vigorously on OTAs for online sales, and not similarly as a channel for clearing unsold inventory. The Expedia and Priceline duopoly continues to control the online booking part, allowing them to out-market hotels by offering consumers more appealing offers and bundles. OTAs are additionally ready to showcase a tremendous scope of decisions to consumers in a user-accommodating way, something an individual hotel can’t do. Hotels battle to offer broadness of decision and don’t have a similar measure of resources to contend on a level playing field with the OTA.

They are obliged to working with outsider booking engines frequently under troublesome terms. Increasing reliance, combined with reducing choices, constrain hotels’ negotiation capacities for commissions payable. With commissions ranging from 15% to as high as 30% depending on the OTA and size of the hotel/chain, organizations with OTAs are essential, however to the detriment of a hotel’s margin.
Blockchain And Smart Contract

All transactions on the App will work on GO’s smart contract. The smart contract goes about as a correspondence layer between the platform and the blockchain. All transaction data will be sent to the smart contract to execute its terms, and the transaction will be put away in the blockchain. This expels the requirement for an agent and encourages lower transaction costs all through the platform.

The GO platform uses the broadly used Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum’s smart contracts give various dialect executions that will encourage future integration. A review of all transactions on the platform will be kept on the blockchain each time the smart contract is executed.
GO Token

The GO Token is a digital token or virtual money intended to encourage transactions in a hurry platform for the buy of room evenings, hotel services, and other internal procedures and payments within the GO infrastructure. GO Tokens are granted to initial investors during the ICO token sale and might be exchanged on exchanges later on or spent in a hurry platform.

GO Debit Card

GO Token holders can arrange a GO Card – a physical, prepaid check card. The GO Card allows users to spend GO Tokens (changed over to Fiat money) anyplace or withdraw money from perfect ATMs. GO Cards are linked to user wallets in a hurry app where users can oversee and top up GO Card funds with GO Tokens and credits.

Funds would then be able to be changed over to different monetary forms at focused exchange rates. GO Card holders likewise get rewards in GO Tokens as a type of cashback for every transaction made with their GO Card. The GO Card gives a proficient and advantageous answer for GO Token holders who wish to spend GO Tokens outside of the GO platform. GO will continue to grow its GO Token economy by creating open spending alternatives for GO Token holders.

To get more information about ICO planning and marketing techniques read ICO marketing aide and ICO planning guide.
Token Economy

GO will give a 5%– 15% savings on all GO Token reclamations on the platform. This gives an incentive to token holders to spend tokens in a hurry platform instead of selling them on exchanges as they won’t be liable to exchange fees and could possibly earn on the 5%– 15% savings.
Pledging Transparency

With accountability being a key feature of blockchain technology, GO is planning to use this technology to guarantee straightforwardness and accountability on its platform. GO likewise plans to supplant conventional pay-to-play courses of action utilized by OTAs by pledging to remain impartial and not charge commissions for paid hunt arrangements or selective advancements on the platform.

The App

Regardless of the accessibility of existing hotel-possessed apps grew either through exclusive means or obtained and rebranded from white mark venders, GO’s platform includes a widespread app that all hotels can adjust instantly without the standard extra charges or required development work.
GO Credits as Loyalty Rewards

GO Credits are money esteems credited to client account wallets. GO Credits may just be spent in a hurry platform and are non-transferrable. Consumers will be rewarded with X measure of GO Credits for spending on GO’s platform. Consumers may then finance their aggregate cost of procurement using GO Credits.

Revenue Model

GO will charge a 5% transaction expense for all payments influenced by means of to credit cards and digital forms of money acknowledged as a method of payment (e.g., Ether, Bitcoin). Payments influenced using To go Tokens won’t be charged any fees on Goeureka platform. This is to secure the interest of all our token holders moving forward.

Manraj Rai, Founder

Justin Lim Co-Founder

Tej Bhuller Co-Founder

Chan Huan Gee Chief Visionary Officer

Shuk Huay Koh Chief Product Officer

Beam Lee Blockchain Developer

Lisa Yeoh Project Manager


MVP and smart contracts were completely created in February 2018. In August the team will begin developing apps and booking site, and will initiate marketing endeavors and connecting with potential accomplices. Before the year’s over the company will dispatch a beta adaptation of the item, test it and begin accepting bookings. Client procurement program begin here too.

In 2019 the teams endeavors will be focused on building organizations with key hotel gatherings, developing faithfulness program network, and upgrading different features of the platform. By 2020 the company is relied upon to have worldwide market achieve, actualize blockchain into the framework and begin conducting huge data investigation.


GOeureka brings a considerable measure of new inspiring stuff into the game, and has a really great team. Its business model and marketing plan are well thoroughly considered and its odds against rivalry are somewhat high. GOT can be a good investment.
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