Golden Currency

What is Golden Currency?
Gold Currency is a personal currency that can be used for cash and non-cash payments (100% supported by gold), as well as modern infrastructure that is convenient for its use based on blockchain. In other words, the legitimate, independent, modern There and their infrastructure is being created, the official site is

A unique strategy that can solve quality money market problems because no country in the world has 100% of the currency that is linked to their country’s currency and currency where they are published and not influenced from countries and enforced the use of the crypto currency as an alternative that is flexible.

Some Functions of the Gold Currency :

  • Individual: will use Gold as money, as a means of payment and savings, with passive income from gold exchange rate growth.
  • Investor: will use Gold as a hedging tool used to diversify the portfolio.
  • Cryptotraders: will use Golden to improve their crypto-assets level, when the market changes and re-enter the market later, with minimal commissions.
  • E-commerce, legal entities and individuals: will use Golden as a means of payment for goods and services, especially for convenient transboundary transactions. Contracts can be fixed in Golden, as a currency that is understandable, stable and reliable.
  • Government of developing countries, least developed countries: as a stable and transitional currency.


This project involves the issuance of Gold money for cash and non-cash transactions and the establishment of its infrastructure


Money is stable, reliable and transparent. Backed by gold. Using blockchain. Perfect payment and investment tool
Non-national and non-political. Emissions are done not by the government, and do not support any government
Convenient money. Independent modern infrastructure (ATMs, cards, etc.). Easy payment and conversion into crypto money and paper money
Cash and electronic payments. Anonymity and universality of usage (anywhere in the world).


Lack of money-based assets in the world. No country in the world has 100% asset-based currencies
Lack of independent legal money. All currencies depend on the political and economic situation of the country in which they are issued
Lack of inflation-free money. Examples of hyperinflation indicate a probability of up to 98% per day of inflation
Crypto currency does not fulfill the function of money. Due to volatility, lack of use of cash, legal status, etc.



Bonus 15-25% for public sale
Special term for 100,000 $ + buyers
Exchange for ICO tokens, planned to be security tokens with an initial 20% net profit dividend and token purchase with 50% annual growth value (only if all legal procedures are met , see details in the White Paper)

Legal opinion and legal infrastructure development
ICO PR Campaign
Project financing current (Golden Exchange, development of blockchain technology, etc.).


This is the use of blockchain technology on Golden Currency:

management and control of gold reserves – as an essential element of reliability and transparency, system publicity. banking network – for cross border payments, transfers, currency conversion – to ensure speed, reliability, universality, and for integration with currency exchange.
currency exchange – for currency exchange and crypto currency to make sure
speed and reliability of transactions.
Infrastructure At Golden Currency:

The main areas of monetization of this project are:
The commission fee for the issuance of Gold – seigniorage
Revenue from Golden Bank network
Revenue from Golden Exchange currency exchange
Info About Token

The initial funding of the project is done by the founders and early investors. Major fundraising is planned through crowdfunding campaigns, in two stages – pre-ICO (preliminary stage) and ICO (main stage). Prior to the main stage, immediately after the announcement of the project, seed rounds will commence after the pre-ICO participants will be given a PGCT token, issued under smart contracts based on ERC20 Ethereum.



The incredible team of Golden currency

Tokens Details:

Token PGCT

Price 1 PGCT = 1 USD

Platform Ethereum

Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat

Soft cap 10,500,000 USD

Hard cap 205,000,000 USD

Country Singapore

Whitelist/KYC None


For More Information :

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