Golden Currency :the first private currency secured by gold

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If you need a digital company to join where you can conduct both cash and non – cash payment easily, Golden Currency can be the best place to go. Here all things you need to know about the digital company.

About Golden Currency

Golden Currency is the first private currency which is not only remarkably functional but also suitable for the cash as well as non – cash payments. The company’s system is based on blockchain technology that makes it possible for the customers to enjoy modern and convenient structure. In this Golden Currency, a modern, legal, and independent analogue of Central Banks available in the world now is being established. Unlike the other crypto companies exist now,

Golden Currency is 100% supported by gold. Not only that, the company also takes advantages of the crypto currency technologies. By applying the technology, the costumers can be linked to crypto currency. At the same time, the company’s system will also have the same regulations just like the fiat currency has. Though, the company mainly uses gold in the transactions, but there will be nothing you should be worried about its legal issues. The system applied in the crypto company is fully legal and conducted by using transparent currency. Read more on the whitepaper

Why Should You Join in the Company?

There are many reasons that make you should join in the Golden Currency.

  •         Reliable, Transparent, and Stable Money

The first reason is that the Golden Currency uses reliable, transparent, and stable money which is 100% supported by gold. The blockchain technology applied by the company is completely perfect for crypto payment system as well as investment tool.

  •         Non – Politicized and Non – National

Another benefit you can take from this company is that the Golden used is non – politicized and non – national. This is because all of the emissions are fully done by the company itself. In other words, there is no government’s involvement in the system.

  •        Convenient Money

The company provides convenient money for the customers. There is only modern and modern infrastructure such as cards and ATM in the transactions. This will enable the customers to conduct easy payments which can be applied for both fiat and crypto currency.

  •        Electronic and Cash Payments

The payments done in the company’s blockchain ecosystem can also be done both in electronic and cash payments. The transactions conducted are exceptionally secure since the company uses universality as well as anonymity of use. In addition, the transactions can be done from anywhere and at any time.

The Company’s Marketplace

The marketplace of the Golden Currency is also beneficial very much for the customers. There are some reasons to make it possible. There is no country which uses 100% based currency in the world. In addition, all currencies exist now completely depend on the economic and political situation. But, with the Golden Currency’ platform, the currency applied is less independent than legal money available now. Joining in this digital company will also enable you to avoid the impact of hyperinflation often occurs.

Token Information

  • Token Name : PGCT
  • Platform : Ethereum ERC20
  • Accepting Payment : ETH
  • Token price : 1 PGCT = $1
  • pre-ICO : 5,000,000 PGCT Token
  • Hard Cap : $ 5 million


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For more information on golden currency project and its initial coin offering stages, please visit

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