Mining is the extraction of minerals and other geological materials of economic value from deposits on the earth. The mining industry can have a serious adverse impact on the environment, causing erosion, pollution of surface water, groundwater and soil. In addition to environmental damage, mining can also affect the health of the surrounding population as a result of pollution caused by the leakage of various chemicals.

About the project
GOLDENUGGET is a project that aims to become a leader in the mining industry on the planet. Here to aspire GoldeNugget. As it is already known, mining is not an environmentally friendly industry, but the company GOLDENUGGET wants to create a revolution in this sector. And this is possible through the use of new environmentally friendly and non-toxic substances and the creation of environmentally friendly mines on the planet, and respecting their neighbors and working with them, services and infrastructure by developing and creating, so that after the completion of the project they have something to thrive on.

GoldeNugget is an existing product: in West Africa, more than 3 000 000 Euros have already been invested in the purchase of equipment for the gold mining industry.

Different types of mining methods can have a significant impact on human health and the environment. Erosion of open storage, mine dumps, hillsides and subsequent silting of streams, drains and rivers can affect neighbouring areas. Mining around agricultural land can destroy or disrupt acreage or productive pastures, while in desert areas it causes disruption or destruction of ecosystems.

The effects of mining are observed after the mining process has ceased. The destruction or radical alteration of a pre-prepared landscape can have a profound impact on the biodiversity of the area. Mining is a serious threat to biodiversity, as it leads to significant mass loss of habitat, which affects microorganisms, vegetation and animals. Changes in temperature as a result of mining can disrupt the livelihoods of communities that live in the immediate vicinity of the site. The most affected are various species of plants and animals, as they are very sensitive.

Lye carbon production (CCC), which is by far the most advanced gold mining process. KCC gold recovery plant recovers approximately 85% of the gold transferred at the plant. Il CIL, pH pH, if necessary, and it is stirred for a period of time. Air is added to increase the reaction rate and reduce leaching time. Cyanide is added to the first tank.
Each carbon leaching tank has a carbon retention screen.

Today, a large number of projects, IC ICO, are being created. Website They create a simple, technical document, a few tokens and a smart simple contract to attract buyers and their money for the subsequent development of the project. But GoldeNugget is an existing project, where in West Africa has already invested more than 3 000 000 Euros for the purchase of equipment for the mining industry.

The company Goldenugget is based on decentralized blockchain technology and the extraction of the most ancient, reliable, increasing its value and stable asset — gold.

Great project idea.
The Association of the manufacturing industry and digital currencies are new step. I’m sure both will benefit from it. Token buyers will really hold something in their hands.

I believe that this is one of the best projects available today in the business, designed for great success and long-term contribution to the mining sector.
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