image.pngGreetings to you all readers, in this article i will be discussing what exactly this brand new and groundbreaking innovation GOLDENUGGET is all about and i will appreciate your standing by till the end.

The agiotage connected with investments into cryptocurrencies continues to grow in the modern world. Widespread interest in the cryptocurrency markets is stirred by the numerous opportunities to increase personal crypto capital. The increased interest in the market has in turn led to an explosion of educational and informational resources for crypto investors. However, the cryptosphere remains difficult for most people to understand. Even for experts, effective use of the various software and information resources available to trade cryptocurrency can be a laborious and time-consuming process.


Goldenugget is the combination of decentralized blockchain technology and the most antique, reliable, increasing and stable asset value: GOLD.What is Goldenugget?Our history tells about an industrial educated family business with many years of experience in the field of heavy machinery plants Ceramic production and our knowledge will now be put into the design and production of a new eco-friendly way of extracting precious metal from the ground.The gold which will be mined, purchased only via our GNTO Token on Goldenugget’s platform, will be displayed in our properties in Western Africa where we are present since over 10 years. That is the big difference between us and 99% of those “Gold guaranteed” projects on the Blockchain.Afro Splendid Minerals Co. Ltd., is a Ghanian registered company 100% owned by Goldeuger’s founder, and was founded in 2011 as a mining and heavy earth moving machines rental company.Africa is one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world. We are passionate about the great continent that has so much to offer. Our goal is to help fuel this growth and drive in Africa by cooperating at our best in sustainable mining projects.GoldeNugget is an existing reality, with over 3,000,000.00 Euro has been invested in West Africa for earth moving machines for the gold industry. Where you can really feel the dust, the noise, and the smell of business. Where people really have an objective, where actual people really see results in their hands at the end of the day. Call it “Old Economy”, however this business was actually the value of money, today allows you to purchase bread. Why isn’t the old dirty real business with new innovative industries such as crypto in Switzerland where purchaser can rely on a predictable legal framework …Token Name: Golde Nugget Token

Our mission is to create a Gold purchasing platform. The Goldenugget platform allows buyers of GNTO Tokens the possibility to buy Gold directly or to participate in Dutch Auctions which will give them an interesting opportunity to get Gold at a favorable price.


To be the most influential innovator in the field of mining on the planet is our goal. As you know, mining is not an ecological industry, we, at GOLDENUGGET, want to make a revolution in this industry. Through the use of new environmentally friendly non-toxic chemicals and becoming the most environmentally-friendly miners on earth, respect our neighbors and work with them to create and create infrastructure and services so that after the completion of the project they have something to flourish.

How does it work?

GNTO is a token that is compatible with ERC20 owned by GoldeNugget registered on the Ethereum main network, printed in 30,000,000 units with 18 decimal places, and will be used by buyers to buy Gold at “outlet” prices, or on our Reverse Auction website or Dutch Auction .

The Goldenget Blockchain is a publicly licensed blockchain that is compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) with the Evidence Authority Consensus Algorithm.

Blocks are verified every 30 seconds.

The Blockchain Goldenugget stores and tracks all operations ranging from making Gold to shipping purchases and the Reverse Auctions website, tracking items to be sold, making it redeemable at any time.


Token Name: Golde Nugget Tokens
Symbol Token: GNTO
Total GNTO amount: 30,000,000 GNTO
Available for IEO (Hard Cap): 19,500,000 GNTO
Emission Rate: New Tokens will not be emitted
Exchange Tokens:
Will not be released on the market for a period of 12 months

Released Quantity: Tokens that have been exchanged to Gold on Goldenugget’s platforms will be released in the market through exchanges at market prices.
Conversion Rate: 1 GNTO = 1 USD $ or ETH equivalent


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