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To join the project, GOLDENUGGET. You should read information that will help you get information that can help you see your vision and mission

blokcheyn technology rapid pace broke into our daily lives. Kryptovalyuta smart smart contracts, tokens created such opportunities and conditions which allow a person to create new innovative technological solutions. blokcheyn system is developing rapidly, but not always in a stable manner, especially in the matter kryptavalyut and payment systems. Many kryptavalyuty suffered due to high volatility and purchasing power, since until now kryptavalyutu not consider reliable currency that can be used in everyday life. Many kryptavalyuty not bear for no value and are not secured by any assets. However, GOLDENUgget of a very different approach. The company is a decentralized market kryptavalyut combining decentralized technology blokcheyn with the oldest, reliable and stable assetGOLD.

GOLDENUgget company already has many years of experience in the field of heavy engineering ceramic production and in the development and production of minerals. Now the team wants to put their knowledge to the development and production of a new environmentally friendly process for recovering precious metal GOLD from the ground. Gold, which will be produced with the latest technology, will be directly related to GOLDENUgget platform, namely with its tokens GNTO, with help of which you can directly acquire the gold.

Gold is mined in West Africa, where the company is present GOLDENUgget more than 10 years, which distinguishes it from similar competitors. Mining company West Africa Splendid Minerals Co Ltd “African” was founded in 2011, is registered in Ghana and is 100% owned by the founding GOLDENUgget project. Africa is one of the fastest growing countries in which the market is developing in the world. So success unequivocally guaranteed. In GOLDENUgget company fully been established infrastructure. There is a large fleet of vehicles with all necessary appliances and equipment.

GOLDENUgget goal is to give every user the opportunity to purchase gold directly on the platform using a token GNTO , or on the basis of a Dutch auction, where there is a chance to buy gold at a good price. In addition, to become a pioneer in the field of gold and make the production of ecologically clean without the use of toxic chemicals. So how in the world production of gold is not quite the environmental process. GOLDENUgget company will decide all questions relating to the direct pollution of air, land and water.

Company GOLDENUgget release their unique token GNTO . GNTO – it is a token that is compatible with ERC20. Platform Ethereum. Total number – 30 million units, decimal 18, and will be used by customers to buy gold at a price “outlet” or on the web platform, or by reverse Dutch auction. Blokcheyn GOLDENUgget – it’s a public licensed blokcheyn compatible with the EVM (Ethereum virtual machine). The blocks are checked every 30 seconds. Blockchain GOLDENUgget and keeps track of all the operations, from purchase to delivery of gold purchases and web site of reverse auctions. Tokens, which were exchanged for gold at GOLDENUgget platform will be launched on the market through an exchange at market prices. Conversion rate: 1 GNTO= 1 US dollar or equivalent ETH.

GOLDENUgget – innovative project, which undoubtedly waiting for a big success and the ability to bring profits to its investors in the near future. GOLDENUgget is at this stage of an existing project, which invested more than 3 million euros for the purchase of equipment. This is largely positively distinguishes it from many of the projects on the basis of which there is only a website, a technical paper and a few tokens. To learn more about the project site, you may have moved to their website.

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