gold diamond mining in blockchain.
Goldiam is the future of mining and gold diamonds in blockchain. With Goldiam, you will be able to purchase original Gold and Diamonds and ship them directly to you with the relevant certificates. The security of this transaction is preserved with blockchain technology. Alternatively, you can choose to keep your assets in your Goldiambox wallet and earn more Goldiam coins every month. And with Globeunion platform, you can send and receive Goldiam coins worldwide easily. You can then convert Goldiam coins into another cryptococcus or even fiat.
Our Main Project
Buying Gold and Diamonds
Goldiam lets you buy Gold and Diamonds with Cryptocurrency – Goldiam Coins. Through our Gold and Diamond platform, you can now buy these assets, keep them safe in your wallet or withdraw whenever you want. Gold or Diamond drawn together with a security license will be sent to your home. So investing with Goldiam is completely risk free.
GoldiamBox Wallet
The GoldiamBox Wallet lets you make money by not doing anything. All you need to do is hold the coin for a period of at least 1 month and you will get the reward. Goldiam rewards the user for every coin he has and the award is instantly available. So you have many ways to benefit from your investment. You can benefit from Gold and Diamond, or you can earn rewards from you Goldiam Coins.
Platform GlobUnion
With our GlobUnion platform, we can allow our users to send or receive Goldiam coins. So no matter where part of the world you are, you can accept or send this coin to your family anywhere. The recipient will be able to collect coins after being exchanged for the currency he wants so that it can be another digital currency or even fiat.
Goldiam features
  • Transfer of money
  • With our GlobUnion platform, you can now send and receive money from any part of the world to any part of the world at any time.
  • Monthly rewards for holders of assets
  • Earn coins by not doing anything. Hold your coin, and get your monthly gift in your wallet.
Invest and Enjoy!
Pure gold or diamond shipping
With Goldiam, you can withdraw gold or diamond any time you want and we will ship it to your door with license and all necessary things.
Goldiam handles the security of your precious assets. So it’s safe inside the blockchain if it’s in the wallet and we give you the license when it is withdrawn.
Sales Token
Goldiam Smart Card
Mutual Authentication
For applications that require secure card access, Goldiam smart cards can verify that the reader is genuine and can prove its authenticity to the reader before starting a secure transaction.
Safe & Reliable
Full transparency and enhanced security thanks to user protection network protection, transaction, and brand information.
Replace Fiat Money
No need to carry cash and credit cards wherever you go. Pay with Goldiam Smart Card whenever you want.
Instant Payments
Now, pay directly with our Goldiam card, at your favorite store and brand.
  • Q4 2017: Preparing ICO project
  • Q1 2018: Pre Sale, Pre-ICO
  • Q2 2018: Main ICO, Launch of Goldman Blockchain, Calypsum Wallet and Goldiambox Wallet, Goldiam List at Stock
  • Signed Legal Agreement For Gold Trading And Physical Diamonds
  • Q3 2018: Start mobile platform and app to attract Gold and Diamond (s), Smart Goldiam Builder, Launch “GlobUnion” smart contract solution on goldche blockchain
  • Q4 2018: Sign a contract with VISA / MASTERCARD company, Smart Goldiam Exchange
  • Q1 2019: Goldiam hardware wallet
  • Q2 2019: Smart + ATM Application Shopping contract
  • Q3 2019: Deploy intelligent “Open heart” contract on Goldiam blockchain, Goldiam Cryptocurrency Exchange.
Here are the reviews I present to you all in finding information and knowing which GOLDIAM project is currently being run by their team, if there is any lack of explaining this article, do not worry, I have set up a link for you to get accurate information and of course you will be able to speak directly with their founder or team, at the link.
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